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GolfStar Season 2 is the free to play Golf Simulator from Gamigo; pick up your clubs and head over to the golf course and go up against other players in friendly and competitive matches. A combination of skill, gear and luck is needed, but with time and patience you’ll work your way through the rankings from semi-pro to pro and will no doubt be a Master in no time.

There five different game modes available in GolfStar2, each one offering a different style of play; Stroke puts to players against each other and the one with the fewest amount of taken shots (strokes) wins, in a Match up to four players compete in two teams to see who wins the most holes in the entire match. In Skins players can wager money with each other per hole and the winner takes the prize! The game also offers Competition where up to 20 players go solo in a race against the clock, earning more points for sinking their ball before moving on to the next hole, finally Team Competition, where up to 20 players are divided into two teams and earn points with their final placement after the competition; the scores of all players are added up to determine the winning team.

There are six characters players can select, from dance teacher Eve to retired golfer Bert, players can take their character and customize them with various cosmetic items and clothing that can be earned in game or bought through the game store, letting each player give a unique flare to their character. As well as cosmetics players can also buy gear such as clubs and tees with improved stats to help them in the game as well as XP booster packs.

Unlock achievements and complete quests and events to earn GP (in game currency) and XP to level up your character and improve their attributes and kit. As well as the standard quests available in the game the community GMs also put on tournaments and events for the players to get involved in to earn extra prizes.

GolfStar takes place over twelve different courses, beautifully detailed environments that span a number of different locations from Jungfrau located in the Swiss Alps where players will navigate narrow canyons and around mountain lakes, or the classic real world Sawgrass course in Florida where the golfing elite gather to show their skills. To add to the list of courses Gamigo are also soon to be bringing their thirteenth course; Safari!

With a well-developed growing community the game and forums are filled with players from newbies looking to start up to old pros willing to give a few hints and tips on how to improve your game. Also players can also create or join a Guild and play alongside friends who can also offer a helping hand to those setting out for the first time.

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