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GoKickOff os a Free to play Management MMO abialable for Web Browser plataform,developed by GokickOff.

In this browser based football/soccer manager MMO players are able to run their very own team, responsible for improving facilities, buying and selling players, training new members and players from the youth team and being actively involved in the tactics and strategy utilised in matches as your team tries to climb its way up the league. This free to play game is played by thousands of players, each managing their own team that you will go head-to-head against friendly competitive play, encouraging a strong and social community.

When you begin the game your first task will be to design your team’s kit and logo design, important to identify yourself amongst the thousands of other teams spread across dozens of different global leagues. From here the most important thing you will need for your team is actual players, starting with basic ones you’ll quickly want to train them up using various facilities that you can purchase, train up new up and comers from your youth academy, which in turn can be upgraded to give higher quality players, or as often as not use the transfer market. Each player will have its own profile that will let you know if they are a good fit into your team and complement your other players.

Using scouts you are able to go and watch other players in action and keep an eye out for any rising stars, whilst simultaneously keeping tabs on your rival’s teams to see how they are performing. Players stats and statistics are only is useful of the team that you yourself create, Synergy and cohesion between players is important as well as the tactics, formations and strategies that you adopt. Whilst checking out rival teams a good manager can identify the weaknesses in other teams that they will be playing against and use this to their advantage to put out a good squad come match day.

As a manager you are not just responsible for the players on your team but also all aspects of the facilities available to them, purchasing a player room to increase your clubs wage budget, training grounds that will shorten the training period for your players so that they can get better much quicker. Away from those facilities directly boost your players are a number of moneymaking facilities such as hotels, bars, museums and even your own stadium that you can improve to bring gain more supporters that will bring money directly to the club for you to spend.

There is no end point in GoKickOff, however there are a number of different endgame objectives that players can continuously work towards such as earning promotion into the next league, working their way to the top and becoming league champions, entering a team into the World Cup or simply just focusing on building up quality players and trading them. There are dozens of titles and awards to earn during gameplay giving even the most successful teams something to work towards each season.

With the league games each manager controls one team in a league of 15, the league itself being determined by your country so that all players can talk to each other in their national language. Each team will play their rival teams to times, playing each team at their home stadium and then in turn at their rivals. With typical league rules teams will earn three points for a win, for a draw and no points for losing their game, their ongoing points and goal difference will determine their position within the league; the two teams that finished at the top of the league at the end of the season will move up a league whilst the six bottom teams will be relegated.

As well as the league games players can enter in various cup tournaments, particularly the World Cup which is made up from the best team in each league from across the world, proving once and for all who is the best and is held at the end of each season. As well as this players can even host their own private leagues should they wish to.

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