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Goblin Keeper is a Free-to-play Browser Strategy MMORPG, developed by Gameforge

In GoblinKeeper you get to play as a dungeon overlord, ruler of your own dungeon and commander of your very own underlings and minions who you get to put to tasks or send out into the world to attack, pillage and conquer your enemies. Expand your dungeon, assimilate new dungeons into your Empire, raise a mighty goblin army and claim the title of the most feared Goblin Keeper to have lived. The game is free to play in your Internet browser and features impressive, colourful 3-D graphics and unique music that really emphasises the atmosphere depending on your location.

Starting life in your own freshly made mountain dungeon you will be guided through a number of tutorials in the form of quests and tasks to show you the basics of building up an efficient dungeon and how to go about running it. The quests unravel a little more of the story and lore behind your dungeon and the upper lands of Overworld, home to the much despised Elven race whose settlements and cities spread like a plague across the land. Slowly but surely features more befitting a goblin keeper are unlocked, particularly on how to command and control your minions to do your bidding. Work your way through the quests gaining resources and XP as you do so.

One of the fundamental aspects of goblin keeper is constructing and maintaining your dungeon, each dungeon has a certain amount of available space where you are able to place down rooms of various types. Everything from various dens and crypts to give access to specific creatures, workshops and labs to build gear and magical items, to a library filled with arcane warlocks uncovering new technologies through their research that will benefit you and your dungeon. Some technologies will give an instant bonus, such as giving a +% increase to a particular resource gathering, whereas many act as prerequisites for unlocking creatures and room types.

Using the Overworld map players are able to check the nearby area to see which mountain dungeons and Elven settlements and nearby, simply by hovering over one of these icons those are able to get a number of details including the difficulty of pillaging/conquering this location. Settlements are all AI controlled and range from small villages, that will pose little threat to take down, to larger towns and cities that have a much higher level. Furthermore are militarised locations such as fortresses and keeps that, in the event you attack a non-military location, will retaliate by sending troops into your dungeon to try and destroy you.

As well as PVE against the AI players are also able to fight against each other and try to conquer rival dungeons to claim as their own. Players start a dungeon is always off-limits and can never change owners, but can still beat pillaged and looted by attacking player, however all other dungeons are fair game. Some dungeons start out as AI controlled whereas others can be claimed from in active players, even an inactive players starter dungeon. Combat itself takes time to send troops from your dungeon to the rallying location, when they reach it the battle is automated and the victor calculated based on troop numbers, types, levels and gear they have been equipped with. Fighting against the AI is relatively simple, but players have and on matched strategy, especially against those players who have join an Alliance teaming up with other Goblin Keepers.
Whilst the game is completely free to play the shop requires player purchase Dungeon Marks, the games premium currency that must be bought using real-world cash. With your dungeon Marks players can buy a number of different boosts from the shop, typically temporary boosts giving a % bonus on a number of different abilities. Alternatively players can purchase upgrades that are permanent fixtures that generally revolve around granting more tiles for your dungeon to expand.

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Goblin Keeper
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