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Developed by Queen's Soft, Genesis AD is a free to play, sci-fi multiplayer, online first person shooter (MOFPS), set in the year 2231, when an alien world has been found to replenish Earth’s dwindling supply of resources. There are three distinct character classes. Players of all types will find a character class to fit their skill set in Genesis A.D. From the powerful Assault Class to the nimble and covert Sniper Class to the helpful Supplier Class, diversity is the key to a strong team as groups of gamers battle to be the best.

Genesis A.D places players in the role of a futuristic, next-generation soldier with a dynamic arsenal of advanced weaponry, including a vicious nail gun that pins foes to the wall for additional damage. Fraggers and fighters engage each other in ultramodern maps, utilizing a variety of amped-up abilities: jumping off walls, leaping beyond the line of fire, boosting across huge distances or cloaking from enemy sight.

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Genesis AD
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