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Generals of War is a Free-to-play Browser Empire Strategy game, developed by Playzo GmbH.

Generals of War is a strategy based free to play MMO where players take control of their own forces as a general in the First World War, charged with leading an army, building up their own command headquarters and fighting for their country against challenging AI and other players from around the world. Players must advance their technology, acquire resources, field a powerful military force and work towards becoming glorious in battle and reaching the top of the game leaderboard. Generals of War is a browser-based MMO that is accessible directly through the official game’s website and does not require any client download to play.

Starting out players will begin with a barren headquarters and must begin by building their own Command Centre, the forward base of operations and the main location where any general will manage and control their troops. With a number of accessible plots to build on players must gain in level and research new methods and technologies to construct new buildings, which will give them access to more features, troop types and other necessities required to be victorious in battle. There are a wide selection of buildings available to players including a Bank that allows players to deposit their money and earn interest from storing it each week, the amount of money that can be stored depends upon the level of the players’ headquarters. Many buildings are used to give a constant stream of acquire resources such as the Manner which Guilds players a steady income of cash, a Goldmine gives players gold bars, the Ordinance Factory produces ammunition and an Oil Derrick provides barrels of oil, which can be converted into diesel or gasoline. Buildings take not only resources to construct but also time, players must wait a number of seconds, minutes or even days for one of their construction processes to complete depending on how high a level that building/unit is.

The production and acquisition of resources is the mainstay of any successful headquarters, a General main priority in the game is managing their resources either by constructing resource production buildings, upgrading such buildings to acquire more resources, trading with other players or ultimately gaining them through conquest by defeating rivals and pillaging their resources. The six primary raw materials that players can get through buildings are Money, Gold, Ammunition, Crude Oil, Gasoline and Diesel, all of which have various uses needed to construct buildings and military units. The seventh resource is Diamonds, a premium resource that can be acquired by completing various quests and progressing through the game or purchased in bulk with real-world money through the in game Diamond Trader. The main purpose of Diamonds is to speed up production, research and exchange them for needed raw materials/resources as well as a number of other useful functions.

A player can have all the resources in the world, but without a strong military to defend them they will soon be taken by other players that have already built up a superior force. Each unit will have its own attack rating, defence value and an ongoing cost, fielding a large military force costs a lot in resources and so players must continuously add to their supplies. Units require specific research and buildings to produce, particularly the Barracks and Arms Factory and players are able to build a variety of infantry-based units, tanks and even air units that can all be used to be the defend territory or as often as not be more aggressive and actively engage in skirmishes or all-out war against other players.

Battle is calculated when to opposing armies fight each other and weighs up the attack value versus the defence value, determined by the unit type, their level and then number for both sides and whoever is value is the highest will ultimately be the Victor in battle. When an attacker is successful in their assault they are able to capture their opponents’ buildings as well as destroying the defensive forces that were protecting them. Attacks are balanced so that each attack on the player must be five minutes apart, giving them the chance to rally some troops and meaning aggressive players cannot simply wipe out their opposition in only a few attacks, also players are not able to make five simultaneous attacks on a single player.

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Generals of War
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