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Forsakia: The Lost Clans is a 2D, free to play, browser-based, flash, MMORPG which excels with its MMOG gameplay while offering the strong points of small-scale flash games. Set in Jianghu, a fabled land once governed by mighty clans that fell victim to a great tragedy. During a vicious strike a mysterious assassin killed leaders of all clans, throwing the world into chaos. It is still unknown who or what caused their demise, but Jianghu has been immersed in chaos ever since. Now, it is up to the players to restore hope to this world by facing the powers of darkness, defeating monsters, and proving themselves as heroes.

Developed by Goldsky for internet browsers, It features player vs. player (PvP) combat, a pet system, six unique classes to choose from, guilds, individual houses for players to furnish, and much more. The huge, mysterious game world is brought to life with colorfully detailed graphics and experienced from an overhead, isometric perspective.

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