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Final Hour: World War II is the newly release version of Operation Gamma 41, developed for web browser by ZQ Games this free to play city management and real time strategy puts you in charge of your own independent city at the onset of World War II. Starting in 1941 the story takes on an alternate history where the League of Nations who had successfully kept the peace since WWI have failed in their mission and war has once more engulfed the nations of the world. With one final effort the head of the League of Nations calls a conference with the warring nations’ leaders in Geneva with the promise of a secret that will change the war forever. With no leader wishing to miss out on this reveal should it end in their defeat, a truce is called and across the globe the world listens to their radios to find out whether peace can truly be found, but something is wrong. Across the world all that anyone can hear across the airwaves is endless static which is finally met with terrible screams and a final hoarse whisper that simple says “Gamma is coming.” As the first planes reached Geneva all they found were destroyed buildings; the worlds’ leaders were lost.

With no peace found war has broken out again, but now the two factions of the Allies and the Axis are leaderless and independent states begin to break out, leaders such as yourself rise from the ashes and control their own cities, populous, resources and armies. Use your population to build facilities and weapons and run an efficient city, build weapons and vehicles to take the war to your enemy and spend a portion of your population converting them from workforce into conscripted soldiers. Train brave Commanders to lead your armies, each with their own abilities and talents and watch their Morale rise and fall with each victory and defeat they suffer and the impact it has on your armies’ attacks and defences. Watch as they gain XP and level up, unlocking new talents that will better serve you and your people.

Declare war on the third Neutral Army made up of deserters and rebels and take their cities and resources for your own, or battle against other players in the opposing faction. With tactical turn based combat you will take to a gridded map and take turns to move and fire with your units, each units having its own strengths and weaknesses against different units, formation, movement across the map and using terrain cover make for exceptionally tactical combat.

Fight for glory, conquest and gold so that you can buy rare items and boosts for your army, or for those who wish to spend some real world money Final Hour: World War II offers an in-game shop where gold can be purchased giving instant enhancements instead of having to earn it over hours and days of play.

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Final Hour World War II
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