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A world of western fantasy, oriental martial arts, and science fiction are all combined to create the world of Ferentus.

Present MUGs describe the world of Ferentus using units of a town or a civilization.

The Rog continent is a western fantasy world of religion and magic. The oriental Contikhans are the Kings of the capitalistic Forgelland of magical and scientific energies. A land enhabited by evil forces and monsters; and there in the center of the triangle, is Ferentus. In MMORPG's world of Ferentus, you may need your splendid martial art skills to battle mighty dragons and powerful magicians with advanced scientific weapons.

Each civilization may make various alliances or conflicts, and overall soil themselves in the world of Ferentus.

Users are able to possess tangible powers through their social ranks!

Previous MUGs had little to offer for playing roles in social positions, such as gathering taxes, managing enrollment and quitting guilds. Ferentus offers users the ability of setting thier own menu system on social business, for example: a leader of a group can spread the menu throughout the member of thier group/guild. This system eventually results in a visible difference in rank, social position, and political powers with a certain amount of depth.

Some examples of menu options are; designation, rewards, detention, convocation, etc. There are a number of divergence in the interactions among ranks and social positions.

Kings and Emperors are so strong that they are permitted to bend certain rules in the game.
Kings, Nobles and various guilds have access to unlimited types of menus that vary in usage.

The System analyzes and occasionally rewards, actions done by users!

Other MUGs usually only reward users in the form of quests according to the rules the system permits. Ferentus is offering an entirely new system called DRPURS (Distinct Role Playing User Reward System) which counts every action taken by characters and rewards the actions that are worth it.

These are awarded in two ways: One is effective immidiately upon the action, and the other is awarded on the next life after you die. The reward system encourages users to thier role to play, and gives advantage to users who decide to cycle thier characters' lives.

A character can experience various kinds of occupations!

In most MUGs, users could only live one kind of life, making it necessary to create a new character to live another life. Resulting in no relationship between new accounts and previous characters.

In Ferentus users can experience the lives of Kings, magicians, merchants, etc, through a transmigration process. Dying and having a new life with advantages, so users can really 'role play' each life. Although, transmigration is not an absolute because there are a number of ways a character can become immortal as well.

It is more desirable to cycle characters lives so the system naturally guides users to transmigration for more fun and experiences.

You can experience the authentic taste of multi-play through grouped battles!

The existing MUGs described the grouped battles as a simply partied hunting of units, and the guild wars became bigger in size without systemic supports.

In Ferentus, various factors such as cooperative skills, leadership ability, morale, and combat tactics can affect battle outcomes. The application of these factors to derive cooperative actions will result in everyone getting more in all aspects.

Some NPCs with certain characteristics, status and intellegence mimic users' combat patterns and actions.

This is not just for leveling, but entering the world of Ferentus to experience various positions!

One characteristic of a MUD game, users experience a huge gap between high levelers and newcomers making the game somewhat unbalanced.

Ferentus' transmigration system is in position to right these unbalances. After the death of a character, the user will have advantages known as rewards which is a crucial part of this process.

Ferentus has positional merits such as masters, grandmasters, and heroes which are awarded as a character grows and becomes more skillful. This creats a visible goal for users to achieve, and prevents them from suffering the simple, repeated and laboring leveling which is one problem with RPGs.

‘So Real Graphics’ presenting a near real world experience!

Real time loading system: presents smooth, seamless movement, separating the game from others.

Free choice of view points:
- First person view supports reality and concentration, suitable to observe long range distance and huge structures.
- Third person view : suitable to monitor various nearby objects such as trees, NPCs, and hostile creatures.

'Consecutive Skills' Comparable to playing console games!

Adds an action feature to the game:
– preventing boredom from long time leveling and battles

Timing management:
– can cast the skills by pressing [left shift] button

‘Co-operative Skills’ Community battles require reinforcing of skills.

- Supports Level 1, 2 and 3 of co-operative skills for each classes
- Synergy effect from using both regular and co-operative skills
- Suitable for targeting high level NPCs in territorial disputes, such as battles against PC characters

'Mercenary System' No wasting time looking for party members.

- Hiring an NPC Mercenary
- With certain amount of gold, you can hire a mercenary NPC for certain period of time from the NPC mercenary manger located in every village
- The hired NPC mercenary shall be very loyal and resourceful to you
- Solo-playing users will find it very versatile
- Any players or groups can hire mercenaries to help themselves

'Territorial Disputes' The road to absolute power.

- Competition in occupied lands
- Every country has their own geographical advantages, tax rates, dungeons that belong to them, indigenous products and much more
- So the players can build thier strength to utilize those advantages, competing with other players and groups, and guilds and even countries owned by players

- All of the five main cities can be owned by one political body (The leader being Emperor)

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