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MMO Genre: F2P Action RPG
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: 37Games

Felspire is a free to play RPG where players choose from one of three different characters that will rise as the saviours of the world as factions and rising evil battle to take control of the Felspire, the mysterious tower that is said to contain untold power. With PVE, PVP, Crafting, Group Dungeons and more the game is a fleshed out feature packed title that can be accessed and played over web browser without any need for a client download.

The game revolves around RPG story elements but concentrates mostly on players trying to increase their Combat Power (CP) in a variety of ways, from increasing their level by gaining XP, improving skills, enhancing gear, acquiring companions and various other methods that will ultimately make them stronger in combat and able to take on greater challenges. Players control a single character but are able to create multiple characters providing they are on different servers, but levelling up is relatively easy and the game provides numerous AFK/automated features. With these features can have the game automatically move them around from place, automatically interacting with NPCs and picking up quests, heading to quest areas and automatically killing the enemy targets, loot any drops and even automatically sell items if their bag becomes too heavy, players can choose to turn these AFK features off and manually control their character and fight.

There are three playable characters in the game: Warrior, Mage and Archer. The Warrior is a melee focused combatant, brave and fearsome and makes an ideal frontline fighter to protect their teammates and companions with their high defense, hitpoints and dodge abilities. The Mage is able to control the natural forces of the world, summoning the elements they can call down lightning, freeze their enemies with ice or burn them with fire in man AOE damage dealing attacks. The Archer is an accurate ranged fighter able to deal out swift and deadly critical strikes whilst keeping themselves at a safe distance and their enemies at bay.

Combat is generally quite fast paced with the player using a variety of spells and attacks to fight their opponents, typically huge groups of enemies gathered together or much strong boss mobs for special events of story content. Players have a selection of attacks to choose from, which will benefit them in different situations, and the AI/Automated player character will use the players best attacks when in battle.

Players character power is primarily affected by the gear that they have equipped, generally received from loot drops, quest rewards, event prizes or purchased in the game shop for premium currency, these items will boost a characters stats to make them stronger. Every piece of equipment can be further refined using the Forge System, using Refine Stones each refine will directly increase the items stats, the Transfer feature allows players to spend gold to transfer the refine level from an old outdated piece of equipment to a newly acquired piece so that they do not lose the efforts they have put into refining. Boosts also increase Combat Power but require an Obsidian material that is acquired from killing monster level 150 or higher and will greatly improve a piece of equipment.

Similar to gear players are able to earn Pet Fragmnets by completing a series of main quests that will lead them to unlocking the pet system; pets are visual companions that also allow a player to upgrade much more quickly. Pets must be fed and trained to improve the pets’ level, with different qualities of feed available from different locations; training gives pets new skills which can be done by acquiring books.

There are various events and features in the game that players can take part in; some are always accessible but require certain items to take part, whereas other can only be played at certain times on certain days. The Guild V Guild is one of the biggest events and players in the top three guilds (based upon their combined members’ Combat Power) where they must fight and defend the throne, fighting past city gates and shields and in turn will earn some of the greatest prizes and unique titles in the game.

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