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Fantasyrama is a Strategy F2P Browser MMO Game for kids, developed by BigPoint.

Fantasyrama is a family friendly, fun and colourful strategy building game where players must build up their own fantasy garden that helps to keep the tree of life and all the magical creatures that dwell within the garden happy and healthy. With colourful graphics, peaceful atmospheric music and strong fantasy themes this free to play MMO is ideal for children and adults alike and can be played directly through your web browser and includes Facebook integration.

When players start out they are introduced to a number of characters that will guide them through the various systems and teach them the basics of gameplay, initially learning the key principles to progress. At the core of the game is a basic point-and-click build MMO where players can create beautiful gardens with various fantasy plants, magical animals and a variety of decorations to personalise their area.

Players will have to learn how to build new flower beds that are available in three different sizes and placed down on the garden area that is broken up into a grid, taking up a set amount of space players are able to expand their garden later on to create even more items. Once a player has empty flower beds they are able to purchase seeds from the Bazaar, among other things, which uses the in game Star Coins currency. Similarly players can build the various forest creature enclosures where they can breed their own creatures.

In the case of plants seeding is the process that lets players plant new seeds that takes up their empty flower beds using the various flower seeds that they have available in their inventories, flower beds can be reused and the types of flower planted can be changed each time. Creatures however have a permanent enclosure built in the garden, however to change the creature the player must remove the enclosure or alternatively upgrade it to create an improved version of the creature that is placed there.

Plants and creatures will grow over time at various paces, this process can be sped up using Water from the Eternal Spring to water both plants and creatures, Ambrosia fertilizer from the Ambrosia Blossom will help plants grow and the Feed Mill allows players to create all types of different feed for the various creatures. From the Divine Alter players can gain Pixie Dust for plants or Magical Feed for animals; these items can also be earned as rewards for completing various actions and tasks such as building, seeding and harvesting.

Harvesting a ripened plant will allow players to harvest its fruits, herbs and resources to collect them and store them in the players own root cellar, as will gathering a creature once it is fully grown, emptying out its pen will also provide Ambrosia fertiliser for plants. With a full circle of life effect to create certain animal feeds players will need to plant and harvest specific plant combinations, so both plants and creatures in the garden depend on each other.

With every task that is completed in the game, as well as gaining the various resources needed to grow a garden and Star Coins for the Bazaar, players will also gain Experience Points so that they can level up. As players level up they will gain access to new types of seeds, creature enclosures and other game features that provide more content for them.

By taking a trip to Fantasia players will have access to these features such as the Cultivation Lab where by combining different trees and using a spell with gathered ingredients they have the chance to create a new type of tree that they can place in their garden. The Auction House allows players to sell their harvested creatures and items to other players in the game and the Pixie Post lets players send and receive messages to other players. Players are free to do what they wish in the game but if they visit the Portal in their garden or the Pixie Tower in Fantasia they can pick up various quests that will reward them with large amounts of Experience Points and Star Coins and sometimes other valuable items.

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