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Fantasy Tennis Season 2 is a fantastic and colorful free-to-play MMORPG with a twist. Take to the courts and compete against players from around the world with a combination of serves, swings, and spells as you level up and customize your character. Whether you choose to be speedy, hard-hitting, or an expert at calling down meteor storms and tossing fireballs, you'll need quick reflexes and a sharp mind to win the match!

Fantasy Tennis Season 2 Features Include:

* Standard tennis matches or battle matches with magical spells and items

* Themed islands with a wide variety of minigames and quests to complete

* Leveling and experience system that lets you choose your strengths

* Battlemon pets who partner with you in doubles matches

* All-new graphical user interface and improved opponent AI

* Enchantment system to improve the power of items and outfits

* Item shop featuring a ton of unique costumes, special items, and Battlemon

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Fantasy Tennis
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