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Set in the world of Rhynn, Fantasy Rivals is a free-to-play collectible card MMO game developed by Boostr for web browser and iOS/Android devices. Players have to prepare themselves to face their opponents in intense strategic battles to move up in the rankings and finally reach the prestigious Diamond League. The very best players might even join the 200 Masters of the game. They will discover hundreds of Heroes, complete epic quests, and meet players from all over the world while getting powerful Heroes and leveling them up.

Fantasy Rivals is set in an original universe rich with the magic of the ancient Chimeras. In the beautiful world of Rhynn six factions have been fighting without mercy for thousands of years: Spectre, Alliance, Empire, Draken, Shadow and Abyss.

In the game you begin your adventure with twelve starting heroes and you can use the Gems earned in game to level up your Heroes and make them even stronger. In each match you can pick eight Heroes from your collections to fight your opponents. Moreover, you can get new heroes either by playing or in the shop.

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Fantasy Rivals
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