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FEAR Online is a Free to Play MMO FPS, developed by Inplay Interactive

Set after the events that occurred in FEAR 2: Project Origin, players return once more to the city of Fairport, now in ruins after the first FEAR team were sent in to take down the Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) and detonated a nuclear device. The city is now swarming with all manner of supernatural and monstrous threats that have emerged as a by-product from the “scientific” research projects that were being undertaken by the ATC. A new government team has been sent in to destroy what remains of the black Ops ATC soldiers, a super soldier team of psionics known only as the [Redacted], who must clean up the mess in Fairport and recover proof of Armacham’s activities.

FEAR Online continues the story from the previous single player FEAR series games, a first person shooter that focuses on team based PVP and cooperative PVE with elements of an MMO RPG style character customisation. Players are able to align themselves with one of the two main factions, the ATC or the Redacted, which are now locked in a war on the streets of Fairport with the various game modes taking place in the key locations of the city such as the airport, subway, city streets and more.

There is a wide selection of PVP focused game modes including classic Team Deatchmatches putting both teams against each other to rack up points with each killed they make, a Team Demolition mode where both teams take it in turns to attack and defend a key point, trying to destroy the location and when the round. Knife Fight allows players to get up close and personal, only equiped with their knife to bring down their enemies it makes for a fast and furious fight, whereas Armored Front focuses on more tactical based gameplay where the two teams battle over various points that they must control, only by controlling every point can the team went. Finally there is the “Soul King” PvP mode, here one player starts as the ghostly Soul King and his up against everyone else, able to increase his abilities by possessing one of the other players until no players remain. There is also a survival PvE “Escape” game mode and a story driven Scenario where players must work together to get through the full story to the end.

Players are able to customise their characters with a wide selection of items, choosing from a range of different gear in the store such as machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, uzis and the number of sidearms including a high-tech laser pistol and other accessories such as flash bangs and smoke grenades. There are a number of different cosmetic items available to further individualise a character, everything from goggles, helmets and face masks to give your character the personal touch. Players can also purchase to unlock some of the restricted characters, each of which has their own graphics model of both the ATC and [Redacted]. Finally players can purchase a number of different consumables, everything from the XP boosts, points boosts, instant respawn items and more.

Aside from purchasing your gear players also have the ability to try and craft weapons and items providing they have the required plans/schematics, crafting components and in game currency to create the item, which gives players access to more unique weapons such as the HV Hammerhead Orca assault rifle and the Grenade Bow.

Players can also customise their character by equipping them with various Psionics, players start with one slot that they can equip a Psionic ability, but can unlock a maximum of three in total. Different psionic abilities give different abilities in game such as “Soft Landing” reduces fall damage whereas “Blast Shield” reduces damage from thrown weapons. Players must achieve specific levels/ranks to unlock the different psionic abilities that will give their character a small edge in battle.

Players are able to create their own clans and communicate with each other through the clan system, the page shows the clan’s name, level, member account as well as their overall win/lose record so that players can quickly identify who are the strongest clans in the game.

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FEAR Online
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