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Eternal Saga is a browser-based free-to-play MMORPG developed by Reality Squared Games, where you have to save the world from a demon invasion. Players will be able to explore new worlds, join up with their friends, and build a unique and powerful set of skills as they fight powerful enemies.

The game offers three different classes which players can choose for their adventures: Hunter, Warrior and Mage. The Hunter wields a bow and is an expert of ranged combat with high critical damage. The warrior wields a sword and is good at melee combat and defense. The Mage wields a staff and uses its knowledge of the elements to launch powerful magic attacks.

In Eternal Saga, players start the game by creating a character and choosing a faction. The game adds its own unique twists to the genre, also featuring the classic elements that players love. They will have at their disposal several types of activities. They can enjoy daily events, such as Star Shrine, Great Escort and Demonhunt, but also multiplayer PvP modes like Faction wars and Guild Wars. There are also singleplayer activities such as Aquatic Treasures, Fishing and Armour Shore.

The game also features deep Mounts and Pets systems. During their adventures, players can find several mounts, starting from simple paper airplane and gaining more powerful ones. You can feed your mount with old equipment and watch it grow in strength. The pets will help you in both PvP and PvE to face your opponents and fight your battle. You can upgrade your pet's growth and improve its attribute values. Raise your pets well, and they’ll fight faithfully by your side, giving your Battle Rating a boost as well.

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Eternal Saga
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