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Eredan Arena is a Free to play MMO Trading Card Game developed by Feerik for Corss Plataform games (internet explorer, IOS and Android).

The downtrodden and defeated Amnezy is on the hunt for revenge against the heroes that make up those nine Guilds of protectors that dwell within the world known as Eredan, famous and ferocious adventurers who thought they had seen the last of this mischief maker. Using her power Amnezy has successfully captured the heroes leaving this world bare and in peril whilst she makes them fight for her own entertainment in her own private arena. Here allies will be forced to fight against each other and enemies stand side-by-side as companions in this twisted and bloodthirsty game.

This free to play trading card game puts players in control of their own group of heroes, fighting it out against other players to earn fame and fortune and unlocking other heroes on the way. With wonderful artwork and unique music to accompany your battles this form and casual browser-based card game will keep you hooked for hours. Win fights, earn rewards, unlock heroes and work your way up the games rank ladder to prove yourself the best in the Eredan Arena.

There are dozens of unique heroes for players to unlock and choose as their final 5 to take into battle. The match is themselves are made up of potentially five rounds where each player takes it in turns to select their chosen hero to fight per round, unlike other trading card games where players can build decks where cards complement each other in Eredan Arena each hero relies solely on their own abilities. The aim of each round is to do more damage to your enemy than they do to you, this is done by performing attacks and special abilities using six unique dice.

Each dice has for different symbols on it; one symbol represents a standard attack whereas the other three are used in combination to perform special abilities available to that particular hero. On round one of the six dice randomly role and players are able to lock in the results of their preferred dice, typically to build up combos, and then re-role the remaining dice. This is done three times or until all the dice have been locked in and then the heroes perform their moves and damage each other; the hero who deals the most damage wins the round, whoever wins three rounds out of five wins the match.

Each hero is primarily made up of two important stats: their standard Attack Value and their Special Abilities. The Attack Value is the amount of damage that they will inflict for every Grey Attack dice that is locked in, these attacks are done after any Special Abilities as the Special Abilities can often boost your own Attack Value or deep off your enemies, as well as sometimes doing increased amounts of attack damage. The special abilities are made up from the three remaining icons: Red Strength, Blue Fireball and Yellow Symbol and can be a minimum of one symbol to many different ones in different variations (the more complex the combo and the more difficult it is to pull off, the more powerful the ability).

After each match players get XP, which is used to match up players to similarly levelled players, and also a chance to open a treasure chest giving them a reward, regardless of whether or not they won the match. What you might be able to win is initially shown, and then the rewards randomly jumbled up into one of six different chests and the player is able to open one of them for free to reclaim their prize. If a player has Crystals, the premium currency, then they have the option to pay to open remaining chests if they have seen a reward they would like. The rewards contain Red Gems used for purchasing items in the in-game store, booster packs and new heroes; in the event that a player receives a hero they’ve already collected then they can sell the hero for Red Gems or alternatively take the card and convert it into a Green Gem used to increase the rank of their previously collected hero, each hero needing 3 Green Gems before it successfully increases its rank.

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Eredan Arena
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