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Endless Fury is a F2P Action MMO browser game, developed by Ngame.

At from an unknown lab you play the young hero or heroine trying to find out their identity and origin, filled with a mysterious energy you discover you have the capability of unleashing powerful abilities when channelling your rage. The product of a dark organisation your goal is to seek out this faceless enemy, find answers and punish those who would usually as a lab experiment.

Endless Fury is an action-based 2-D side scroller platform game focused on PvE and PvP based combat where players must level up and advance their own character, train new unique skills and learn to master them in combat to channel together unstoppable customised combos. The game is free to play and can be accessed directly in your web browser for a casual but immersive action packed gameplay experience.

One of the main premises of the game and your primary way to gain EXP and level up is to complete quests, particularly your main quest line which will slowly uncover the truth behind your existence and the wider story arc. Players can tackle the main stage quests with different difficulty settings or try to take on an Elite stage that poses an even greater threat and challenge to solo players with increased mob difficulty and stronger boss battles, but with great challenge comes even greater rewards. Whenever a player is unable to get past a particular stage due to its difficulty then they are able to Practice on their own, training up their own attributes, or alternatively they can enter “Daze” mode where they will rest in the safe house and earn EXP, even if they are online and the longer they rest the more EXP they will gain.

There are a variety of different daily events that players can also get involved in away from the main quest story line, fun and exciting events that players can try out once per day at a specific time slot, which will net players huge amounts of silver currency. Players can also try to take down the Phantom Card King, a unique boss event where players must seek him out and try to beat him before other players get the chance. If a player fails in their attack and other players are able to try and kill him, but if successful the player will be granted great rewards and the card King will increase in level and so too will the rewards that he gives.

Players’ character attributes are one of the key aspects to a character and make up their Attacks, Hit Points, Max Rage (used to on leash their skill attacks), Defences, Resistances, Jump, Movement Speed, Attack Damage and more. These attributes can be increased by spending silver to practice, equipping powerful items and using the Enhancement feature to boost their gear’ bonuses. Players can also earn new titles and when they are equipped, which show above the players head, they also add extra attributes, but redeeming titles requires Honor points, which can be earned from daily events, PVP and defeating the Guild Boss.

The key element to combat is skills, which can be trained from the various NPC inhabitants of Tai Sen City, as well as special attributes and skills that can be learned from Masters. Players are able to learn up to 4 different kinds of skills, each of which can be upgraded to be made more powerful (which uses up more rage to perform) and can range from quick attacks to generate combos or ultimate skills that can kill a group of enemies in a single strike. Both heroes and heroines have different skills available to them such as the heroes Qigong Canonon that allows the hero to focus their Qi inside them and convert it into a ball of plasma to continuously damage the enemies in front of it until it explodes.

Players are able to try out further challenges and test their skills in PvP by joining the arena and fighting in one on one duels against other players in a first to gain three kills battle where players can earn extra rewards. Prestige and Honor. If a player joined up with a Guild, or create their own, they have the chance to try and fight the powerful Guild Boss, a group based fight that can be tackled by the entire Guild to earn great rewards for the group.

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Endless Fury
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