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Empire Universe 3 is a Free to Play Space Browser MMO Strategy, developed by Looki.

In Empire Universe 3 (MMORTS) players are responsible for establishing a Galactic Empire among the stars, expanding territory of their chosen alien race they must settle planets and create working planetary bases in this space based free to play Empire management strategy. There are strong elements of trade, conflict and diplomacy in the game and players are likely to experience all three as their Empire rises in acclaim. The game can be accessed directly through your web browser after a quick registration and does not require a client download to play.

The aim of the game primarily is to work your way to the top of one of the different rank ladders, where players compete with each other to be the best and earn both pressed each and rewards for their efforts. The methods that players and employ to gain dominance over the universe is open, focusing on trade and organising trade network with other players exchanging and selling resources, using diplomacy with nearby planets forming alliances with other players or declaring all-out war and attacking rivals and claiming their resources as your own. This players can compete to top the overall ranking ladder or see who is at the top of the ladder for their own race, as well as seeing which other nearby planets are within a similar rank that may pose a threat or a potential target to try and dominate.

There are nine playable races of which to choose from, each of which has a variety of pros and cons towards the different game mechanics such as trade, warfare, navigation and more that will make their presence felt depending on the actions the player tries to perform. From the tribal Ozoids who show strength in Navigation and Battle at the expense of being weaker at Trade, Research, Construction and Economy to the Plentropians who are a race that has evolved a passion for engineering, inventing and racing, they are proficient in Trading and Construction, but are somewhat lacking in Battle, Economy, Navigation and Research. The versatile and well-balanced Humans are the only race that have no weaknesses, but lack any inherent bonuses as well.

To run an efficient and optimised Empire players must have continued income of resources, which can come from many places such as constructing your own Resource Facility, raiding enemies, mining other planets or completing quests and gaining them as rewards. Players progress through the game by researching new technologies, which in turn will give them access to new buildings, military units and game features as well as boosting their Empire. As well as unlocking new buildings and units to construct players are also able to upgrade their existing creations on to more improved versions.

Questing is a relatively simple affair and occasionally a new quest will pop up in your quest tracker that is typically requires the player to research a specific technology or constructs a particular building or units, essentially encouraging you to keep on playing and build the next construction. Players are rewarded with XP and different resources, from low-end resources for beginning quests to high-end rarer resources later in the game.

Everything in the game takes time to research build, in the early game this can be a matter of minutes to construct your first base buildings, but quickly ends up taking hours, days and then even weeks in the late game to complete construction or research, which requires heavy time management and forward planning. Players are also able to purchase crystals real money that can be spent on helping to rush a project to completion, crystals are occasionally earned through gameplay.

Players are able to check the universe map which will inform them of the planet’s nearby, including the resource types and quantities of local unoccupied planets as well as any player planets within the vicinity that could be a potential rival or ally to work cooperatively with. The game progresses players become more and more dependent on each other and forming alliances to survive against the more aggressive warmongering Allied empires, it is unsafe to go at it alone and so some element of diplomacy is required for small empires to shelter under the wings of larger and more established organisations.

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Empire Universe 3
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