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Elvenar is a MMO Genre: F2P Empire Building Strategy for Platform Availability: Web Browser. Developed By: InnoGames

Elvenar is a free to play browser-based strategy MMO where players are responsible for building up their own Human or Elven village in a rich fantasy world, constructing and upgrading buildings, researching new technologies and training up troops to defend their territory and attack their enemies. The game has stunning visuals, immersive soundtracks and a simple yet fun gameplay style packed full of features and content including tactical turn-based combat where players will control each of their units in battle.

When initially starting out players get to choose an Elven or Human lineage, primarily defining the look and feel of their settlements, players will find themselves with an empty village save for their primary town hall. As the person in charge players are guided with some NPC help, initially acting as advice but later becoming quests to help players continuously work towards worthwhile objectives, which will focus on getting players to build up their village, navigating a tech tree and learning the basics of combat.

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes and serve very different purposes, starting with the Residence buildings that are important to attract citizens who in turn will offer up a steady gold income to help purchase items within the game as well as fund expansions, troops and building upgrades. Workshops allow players to produce a wide range of wares to aid their growing Empire, everything from food and drink, tools, weapons and more, whereas the various cultural buildings keep your population happy. Barracks allow players to train up different units from both melee and ranged martial classes and even magic users or, in the case of humans, those blessed with the holy divine energies.

Every building and unit takes a set number of resources to construct, as well as using up the available village builders who must spread their time between the village constructing buildings, roads and even upgrades to those buildings already placed. More importantly everything takes time, from minutes, hours to even days to finally finish building, though players can spend premium Diamond currency to rush complete a job.

Buildings are placed within the village, an area broken down into a square grid, with each building taking up a certain amount of squares and so expansion is important. To expand a village players can scout out nearby territories and interact with the inhabitants there, each province has eight potential relics that can be discovered by paying to negotiate and acquire what they need peacefully. For each relic that is discovered players will earn one Knowledge Point that goes towards unlocking new technologies in the technology tree (Knowledge Points are also earned at a rate of one per hour automatically), if all eight relics are found then the player can pay to settle a province, which in turn will give them more space in their village to build upon.

Players do not necessarily have to negotiate peacefully with neighbouring provinces and instead can choose to fight them using their trained troops, in doing so when players choose the Fight option they will be able to see which enemies are in the territory as well as their stats and begin to choose how many of their own troops they wish to make the attack. Combat occurs on a hex based map and is turn-based between both opponents, players are able to move their units each turn up to a number of hexes as determined by the unit type, even using terrain as cover from ranged attacks, and engage the enemy with various attacks of their own. If victorious, players will gain rewards including the Relics if that particular battle wass for a province.

As with buildings Units can be acquired by unlocking various technologies, with up to 5 units available for each race, and they can also be upgraded (again requiring the subsequent technology). Currently the game does not support PVP, instead focusing more solo or cooperative play where players are able to trade with each other using the Trader feature. Players can still compete with each other to improve their Ranking score that is calculated by their working population and acquired culture (a good measure for how well a city is doing) as well as completing various encounters and acquiring relics to boost their score.

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