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Edgeworld is a browser based MMO where your skills in management and in battle are the keys to save the galaxy! The game, easily playable with the web browser without any client to download or to install, begins with a small base located in alien ruins in which there are yet enough resources to develop an army.

There are four kinds of resources: crystal and gas (needed to create main buildings), energy and uranium (needed to train and to upgrade your army); equally there are four main actions you can carry out to develop your base: to build, to research, to research defense and to train troops. Going on playing the player can train mechs and use an academy too.

The player since beginning is guided by a lot of quest to build in the right way the right buildings: in this way it’s easy to learn the importance of the command center (the true main hub of the base necessary to unlock building more and more advanced), of the buildings able to collect resources (the crystal mine, to harvest minerals, the gas refinery, that processes gas to use it in construction or as fuel, the solar plant to get energy and the reactor to process nuclear material necessary to weapons) and so on.

Tech Lab is the structure in which you can research units for your army, more and more powerful, starting with Marines, going on with Rhinos, Raiders, Pyros, Hornets, Specters, Titans, Shrikes, Disruptors, Pulse Tanks, Terraknor and Chimeras: twelve kinds of troops, each with unique stats and abilities to manage the battle as a real commander. Main stats of each single unit are health, damage, range, rate of fire, speed, and transport size: this last stat is really important to plan attacks, because army has to be teleported to the place in which the attack begins, and you can teleport only a certain quantity of troops (yet you can upgrade the Warp Gate to teleport more and more troops). The Defense Lab is the building in which you can upgrade the stats of each unit; in the Barracks you can train your army, up to the maximum amount of troops you can hold in the staging area. The Factory is needed to train mech, very effective when the battle becomes hard.

A commander should choose wisely his troops before the battle: for example Terraknors make a lot of damage against Tesla Towers and are immune to incendiary burning, Chimeras have great range (200, while a Marine has 50)etc..

In the bottom right of the screen there are some icons: the shop, in which is possible to buy several boosts and items with the in game currency, the platinum (purchasable with real money), the mail, but above all, the combat. Clicking on it the player can choose to attack other players (this is the PvP) or computer factions (Erazi Syndicate, Maar Confederacy or Helio Legion).Some starting quest requires to attack one of the computer factions to train combat. Choosing our target it’s possible to see the enemy base and now the player has to place his army in the battlefield, planning how many troop of each kind has to enter in battle. After that the real battle begins, and you can see your troops attacking: to win or to loose is a matter of skill in choosing the right number of each unit (for example at level 20 you can still lose against a computer enemy of level 13 if the troops chosen are totally wrong).

The game is available in 12 languages (English, Deutsch, Espagnol, Francais, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish) and the players can freely switch language with a simple loading. The game is totally free, but if you need some boosts (for example because you haven’t so much time to spend in playing) you can get some platinum (the in-game purchasable currency) to buy them.

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