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Developed by X-Legends for Windows, Eden Eternal is a free to play, anime graphics style, MMORPG where players will be immersed in an exotic realm of mystical beasts, robust monsters and charming villages as they help the powerful Eternal Children to unearth the secrets of the recently discovered, mysterious Soul Stone.

Guild members can create bustling villages filled with thriving marketplaces, useful training spots, and expansive community support. In the game, players unlock new cool-looking outfits by leveling each class. But if you want to customize, you can always use the in game dye system. You can choose between various pieces of your armor to color, and a pick your color out of the available options.

The class system is composed of 5 branches, each with 2-3 classes. Players can choose between: Thief (thieves adhere to a strict code, and their "thefts" are often tests of skill), Martial Artist (its best weapon is incredible strength and speed), Blade Dancer (Wielding sharpened twin swords, the blade dancer excels at multiple target attacks, swiftly damaging all nearby enemies), Hunter (the hunter's preferred weapon is his trusty bow and arrow), Engineer (engineers are masters of machinery and efficiency both in life and in combat), Magician (Magicians can conjure damaging blizzards of fire and ice, teleport your party to safety, even become invisible), Illusionist (The illusionist can cast several hypnotizing spells and summon an arcane pet to help in battle. Illusionists can also heal party members), Cleric (Cleric can heal party members and amplify stats and spells during battle), Bard (The Bard's gregarious songs and sonnets also have healing and defense powers), Shaman (Mystical shamans expertly manipulate the elements of nature to rain torrents of damage upon the enemy), Warrior (Equipped with heavy armor and mighty axes, the warrior's sole objective is to finish the battle quickly and decisively) and Knight (The chivalrous Knight deftly executes swift sword strikes to overwhelm foes in single combat. They can also cast a series of combat-boosting spells).

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Eden Eternal
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