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Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) is a F2P Action MMO RPG for windows developed by NPICSOFT.

ELOA is a free to play fantasy RPG where players step into a realm in turmoil as evil denizens plague the land; dropped into the middle of battle, players begin their journey on the rise of becoming an Elite Lord of Alliance. The game boasts highly detailed and colourful graphics creating a vivid and huge world to explore, broken down into instanced based locations players can progress through these areas picking up a variety of quests and defeating enemies in explosive combo busting battles.

There are five different classes to choose from: Blood Knight, Mage, Sniper, Psychic and Assassin Warrior. The Blood Knight focuses in heavy defense to protect allies, specializing in melee combat they are skilled at suppressing enemies and a key member to a party. The Mage is an Attack focused class who can summon forth the elements and cast spells to deal destructive ranged attacks on their enemies. The Sniper has a balance of Attack and Control, highly mobile units that can deal fatal damage on enemies at long range with their weapons and skills. Psychics are focused on Protection and able to buff their allies and increase their abilities whilst inflicting pain and hindering effects on enemies with their spells. Finally the Assassins Warrior, this class is able to jump into battle quickly and deal high amounts of damage, then retreat to safety in an instant giving them high Attack and Survival focuses; the Assassin Warrior is the only class that is both race and gender locked as they can only be a female Naru (likewise a female Naru can only be an Assassin Warrior). There are four races that players can choose from, with the exception of the Assassins Warrior all other classes can be a male or female of any of the other three races: Sapiens, Kartu and Liru.

As well as there being five different classes each individual class has 3 different Battle Styles/Stances that they can switch between in battle (F1-F2-F3 keys) that open up different types of skills that they have unlocked as they level up. Players are able to actively switch to a preferred stance depending upon the enemy that they are facing, and with quick management can switch between them during battle to have access to all their skills. The different stances have different types of skills such as the Snipers “Cannon” style focuses on laying mines and firing shells, their “Rifle” style improves their aim and damage, and their “Bow” gives improved attacks and effects on their bow attacks. Combat is extremely fast and explosive, with impressive visual effects and dynamic combo building, it is very exciting and offers a great challenge.

The game supports players grouping together, weather roaming the open world or entering the many dungeons, upon entering a higher level dungeon players will be informed the minimal level requirement, the ideal character level for a player to be in order to complete it, and how many players the dungeon is made for. For dungeons that are made for multiple players then there is the option to queue up and join a random group of players to help each other.

When out in the open world even if not journeying with others players are never alone as they have their own pet companions. These pets come in all shapes and sizes, acquired from an egg once the player has hatched it then the pet is bound to them and added to their collection. Pets aren’t simply cosmetic characters that just follow you around and instead will give bonuses when they are summoned such as absorbing damage, improving damage on bosses, etc. and some pets can even be used as mounts. Eggs can be acquired when questing or purchased from a pet trainer; when summoned the pet will gain XP and improve its abilities, and once at max level players are able to combine various pets to make brand new ones!

For those interested in crafting there are 4 trade skills available, with players able to learn one: Alchemy, Armor Crafting, Weapon Crafting and Accessories Crafting; players can attain resources to craft these items from loot drops or by disenchanting items for components.

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