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Developed by Turbine for Windows.Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is a f2p MMO which offers a unique and refreshing take when it comes to battle. Known as the Active Combat system, fighting in DDO is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an MMO. DDO gives you the ability to feel the action at your fingertips as your skill is truly tested! Monsters can see and hear you, adding entirely new elements to an already advanced system — for no longer is combat relegated to simply pressing your number keys.

Set in the vast and dangerous online world of Eberron, gamers discover hidden treasure, pummel monsters, and look to evade traps left behind by an ancient race. By leveraging the most active, most realistic combat system of any online game, DDO players deliver and feel every blow that goes into a baddie’s demise.
Take part in strategic, tactical battles using a combination of collision mechanics and real-time combat. Take on the mantle of a well-armored fighter and protect your weaker companions by blocking incoming arrows or obstructing enemies in a narrow hallway. Ready to play directly in your browser, through the DDO store is a vendor within DDO, where you can spend your hard-fought points or real, hard-earned dollars (if you wish) to enhance your gaming experience. While the best gear can still only be found by adventuring in-game, the store offers a bevy of convenience items, in addition to premium content modules, extra character slots, hirelings, potions, unique character customization, and much more than this page will allow us to list! Items in the DDO store are purchased with Turbine Points.

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Dungeons n Dragons Online
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