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MMO Genre: F2P MMO City Building
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: Kabam

In Dragons of Atlantis players start life as the ruler of their own fledgling city on the continent of Atlantis, a land destined to fall to ruin beneath the great sea and only those who raise up might dragons can hope to survive. In this free to play city building MMO players will have to do just that; gather resources, build up a city, train a variety of fantasy soldiers for their army and breed powerful dragons that will fight for them. With detailed graphics and in depth features the game offers lots of long term play for dedicated players and can be accessed through your web browser.

When starting out the land that the player comes to rule is undeveloped and so they are tasked with establishing the first necessary buildings and sites to begin upgrading their city, constructing things such as buildings, farms, mines, quarries and science centres players will begin to establish a fully working city. Along the way players are tasked and rewarded for completing various builds, learning new researches, training troops and more, all in an effort to guide the player and reward them at each step. Whether building, upgrading, training troops, learning new research and more, everything in the game takes time, from seconds, minutes, hours to even days from some of the later game actions; so players must be aware of how long it may take for them to build up defenses or react to other players.

Players will have to gather various resources and manage them well to find prosperity, including Lumber, Metals, Stone, Gold, Food and Population, these can be initially acquired through task rewards, from various buildings, traded with other players or acquired by raiding outposts and other players’ cities. Players can also purchase and use a premium Rubies currency that can be used to purchase resources, speed up builds, training, research, etc. and also buy unique items from the shop as well as purchasing dragon eggs!

One of the big features of the game is buying, breeding and training dragons; initially every city starts with a keep dragon, these can be trained up over time and at great expense for resources, they will primarily aid in the defense of your city or outpost if attacked. After your Keep Dragon there are dozens of other dragon types to acquire, these can be gained through rewards, by seeking out dungeon areas, or gathering specific resources to breed them; the requirements for each type of dragon are very specific. Later on players can even breed their own dragons by selecting a male and female and mating them in the Sanctuary, by doing this the dragon hatchling will gain new abilities and enchantments.

With a new dragon players can then look to expand their territory and make new outposts, this requires them to first take a certain type of wilderness such as Plains, building up an army of troops to physically conquer the area and settle it. When a terrain is gained players convert it into an outpost, which acts as a secondary territory and new buildings can be constructed there and the new dragon can be upgraded over time to be a new defender. Players can have multiple outposts, with goods and units traded between them, each outposts acts as its own city with its own buildings, the types of buildings that players can construct or the types of units they can build to defend will depend on the Research they have unlocked and what level they have upgraded, as well as having a higher player level for more high level units/buildings.

Whilst playing solo is viable, however grouping up with other players will ensure a higher rate of survival as players try to prey on the weaker solo players. This can be done by forming or joining an Alliance, which allows players to work together, trading between each other and having single targets in their attacks. PVP is a big part of the game and players will be able to compete against each other to climb their way up the rankings, the players at the top gaining rewards as they climb the tiers of the Power Challenge.

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Dragons of Atlantis
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