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Dragon’s Call 2: Revival of the Giant Dragons is a free to play MMORPG set in a fantasy world of magic and dragons, take on the role of a gallant hero as you battle evil and explore the wonderfully crafted world. A different take from most MMORPGs DC2 is a 2D side-scrolling platform MMORPG with beautiful illustrative graphics making up the characters, monsters and and game world itself.

Play as one of three classes; Warriors who make up the strongest fighters on the battlefield using long swords and they are able to parry attacks and take more damage, Assassins wield daggers and are the masters of stealth and misdirection able to dodge their enemies attacks and Mages who harness the power of the elements to bring devastating attacks on their opponents. There is zero character customization within DC2, only the ability to choose your characters’ name and gender, but there is a whole host of items and gear that can be picked up during gameplay.

Combat consists of walking around and then being attacked by random creatures, similar to Dragon Call 1 the first creatures you will have to fight are rabbits; not nightmare death plagues rabbits, just normal fluffy rabbits that have a tendency to attack travellers. When combat is instigated it is a completely automated process, fully turn bases as you watch the characters move back and forth across the screen making their auto-attacks and watching as hit points are deducted.

The game itself is filled with various quests that do in time become more than killing rabbits and will involve taking down Dragon Lairs, receiving EXP, Gold that can be used to buy items and gear and Crystals as loot items that can be used in your weapons to increase their potency and power. As players level up more and more events and activities will become available, keeping the game fresh for the players.

Players can visit the Colosseum at level 15 where they can battle against all sorts of monsters and creatures to gain rewards, with and added “Challenge Mode” where players must defeat bosses in order, which are unlocked at specific levels. Also twice a day two extremely tough World Bosses will appear and players can all try to fight them, gaining XP equivalent to the amount of damage they are able to inflict, extra rewards to the person who strikes the killing blow and the top ten highest damage dealers.

As well as questing and PvE there are a number of ways that players can fight against each other in PvP; at level 11 the Arena allows players to challenge each other 15 times a day and rewards them with lots of Gold and Reputation you can challenge any player currently in the Arena. Also there is a daily Deathmatch that players can sign up to which randomly puts players against each other to give them gold and XP rewards, as there is no level matching and low levels can be assigned to high levels, even losing a fight still gives some reward just for taking part.

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