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Dragon Pals is a free-to-play browser based adventure RPG developed by R2Games for Internet browsers. The game features a colorful world full with interesting locations, unique events, and engaging characters.

In Dragon Pals, players can train and tame powerful Dragons. Each dragon has its own set of unique skills; depending on your class some dragons may be more useful than others. As you free new dragons, your dragons will grow in strength. You can upgrade your dragon by upgrading your dragon training skill, morphing your dragon, raising their skills, and through equipping dragon orbs.

Dragon Pals has three unique classes: Archer, Mage, and Warrior. The archers are commanders of explosive power, known for dealing high damage in battle. They are best used for dealing damage as quickly as possible. The Mages are the masters of the elements; they are proficient in both defense as well as damage. They are the most balanced of all the classes and make powerful healers, as well. Warriors are strong of heart, and the most stalwart defenders. Although their attacks are moderate in power, they can withstand the greatest amount of damage. Each class has its own unique skill set made up of three different types of skills: attack, support, and talent.

In Dragon Pals, PvP takes place in the arena where players can duel other players. By challenging and defeating players with a higher rank player you will then occupy that rank, and the defeated player will descend in rank.

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Dragon Pals
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