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Developed by Q1 online, Dragon Eternity is an epic next-generation web-based MMORPG. Stunning panoramic graphics and gripping battles are the first impression of the game, but be prepared for a rich storyline and plentiful quests to draw you deeper into the realm of dragons.

Dragon Eternity features synchronous multiplayer battles with detailed characters and fluid animations. During combat, you can watch as the struggle unfolds between other combatants, then focus on your important allies for healing, and switch back to bombard your most threatening foes with deadly spells. While developing your character, you must choose a class to maximize their potential in battle. Each class has its own combat strategy and commands a unique set of elements as the basis of its powerful battle spells.

Take part in gladiatorial battles in the Arena of Honor, or in vast team battles against the other faction. Band together with other players to overcome practically unstoppable elite mobs. Summon your Dragon Brother-by-Oath to fight by your side. Harness the power of the elements; cast fierce battle spells from arcane schools of magic to obliterate your foes. Develop your character into an unstoppable force on the battlefield by choosing your warrior’s path as a knightly Paladin, savage Berserk, or cunning Witcher. Earn an array of reputations, from a terrible crusher of bones, feared by other players, to a protector of the people, praised by the citizens of your Empire. Battle with hundreds of fantastic creatures that threaten the existence of your Empire. Collect elite equipment sets that maximize your power in battle and enhance the abilities of your warrior’s class.

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Dragon Eternity
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