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Dragomon Hunter is a F2P MMORPG developed by X-Legend.

Dragomon Hunter is an epic free to play MMORPG where players take on the role of adventurers in the world of Wyveria, a vast land populated by strange, exotic and terrifying Dragomon, native creatures that roam the land. Adventurers seek out these creatures to hunt them for trophies and loot, fame and fortune, or for the ability to tame these wild beasts and take them as pets. With colourful chibi/Japanese cartoon style characters and graphics the game lends itself well to a younger/mid-teen audience and promotes exploration, PVE, early game PVP and crafting.

The game supports four different class of Dragomon Hunter; Mercenary, Scout, Mage and Cleric. The Mercenary is an up close melee combatant utilizing greatswords and battleaxes, they make the ideal frontline combatant with their strong defenses and huge weapons. The Scout is a more versatile fighter, even battle with dual blades in close combat or at range using rifles and missile attacks; they rely on their speed to get in and out of combat with hit and run tactics. The Mage is a disciplined arcanist who can wield the power of the elements, their magic is channelled through various implements such as hunting horns and staves, and from a distance they can be the most devastating offensive damage dealers around. The Cleric are always a welcomed addition to any hunting party, far from the battle shy adventurers people may expect, they can deal out damage with their hammers and cestus’ as well as using their magical abilities to heal up their companions.

As well as individual classes players can further customize their characters will the detailed skill system, here each individual skill has three different masteries, which players are able to invest points into and strengthen the skill or activate extra effects such as stuns and roots; players are able to reset these points for both skills and stats freely and test out new builds. Skills are only part of a Dragomon Hunter’s arsenal and they must also harvest materials and forge their own weapons.

The game has a detailed crafting system and allows player to forge their own armor and weapons, often requiring a key “Dragem” material, the item being crafted will have a specific Dragem that is needed as part of its recipe and each type of Dragem drops from a particular Dragomon. To craft the most powerful items in the game will require the rarest Dragem, in turn meaning players will need to defeat the most challenging and dangerous Dragmon. Players will need the most appropriate weapon when fighting an enemy, if a weapon is inferior when fighting more powerful Dragomon then weapons will simply bounce off their foe and not inflict damage.

Over a hundred known Dragomon are spread all across the world of Wyveria, each region harbouring various different types, from those that swim in the oceans such as the angler fish style Sea Scourge who tries to lure in would be hunters with his lantern-like appendage to devour them, or the huge winged Mothrake insectoid, a moth-like Dragomo from the Wraithwood who can release poisonous powders when threatened. Hunting down Dragomon is no easy feat and Hunters will need to seek them out and observe their behaviour if they hope to defeat them or tame them, setting traps and then battling them at the last moment. Tame Dragomon are added to a player’s collection, however, they are far more than collectibles and instead players can use them as battle companions and mounts, able to journey around the map on their captured Dragomon with the rarest creatures being testament to a players skill. Combat is extremely visceral and players will feel each swing connect with their enemy, in battle Hunters must use their quick reflexes and abilities to dodge the impending attacks from powerful Dragomon signalled by a telegraph on the ground showing where an attack will strike. To take on the most powerful Dragomon in the game players will have to band together and form their own Hunting parties, working together as a team to take down these mystical creatures and reap the rewards for themselves.

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Dragomon Hunter
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