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Doom Warrior is a Free to Play Arena MMO game for plataforms Windows / Mac / Linux / Android & iOS, developed by Creaky Corpse.

Doom Warrior is a free to play duelling RPG where players can create their own arena warrior and go head-to-head against other players from across the world in twitch-based combat that relies on fast reactions and equipping your warrior with powerful gear, items and abilities to become the champion of the arena. The game is available on multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

The core of the gameplay revolves around players upgrading their own character and having 1v1 battles against other players in an attempt to increase their Battle Point rating, climbing the rank ladder, acquiring XP to level up and earning new gear to equip their character. Players can also fight against AI opponents when trying to complete an Arena, but primarily players will be fighting against each other in exciting duels.

Combat uses a simple system where the up, down, left, Right directional keys make different attacks against the enemy including left and right slashes a quick jab and an overhead powerful attack as well is using the 1 - 3 keys to perform any available special abilities. Players are not simply at the mercy of who can hit their attacks the quickest and they are able to block an enemy opponents attack on them using the W, A, S, D keys and there are a quick reactions to block any incoming attacks. How powerful a character is in battle is primarily determined by their level and their current stats, which mainly consist of their Strength, Toughness, Agility, Stamina and Blocking, however there are secondary stats that are dependent on the types of special abilities and gear that the player has a equipped such as the amount of Lightning or Poison damage they can deal. Each time a player levels up they gain five stat points that they should lose to improve their character and there is currently no level cap and so players can become a strong as they like.

Starting with character creation players have a few simple options available to customise their character, both male and female options where they can change their skin tone and give them a name. Players will further builds customise their characters during gameplay as they unlock a variety of different items including new helmets, armour, weapons and other accessories that give them boosts, bonuses and extra abilities. Players have the ability to re-forge their weapons into a new design of their own choosing, creating an item from hundreds of independent components, which can be combined together in millions of different variations.

The main purpose of items and gear is to increase the players overall statistics and their special abilities, the mixed variation players can equip a helmet, a set of armour, and amulet, two rings and either one two-handed weapon, to one handed weapons or a one-handed weapon and a shield. Gear is restricted with a level requirement where players must be of the same level or higher to be able to use it, and certain items have sockets in them where players can equip runes, which will make that particular item more powerful. Players can also imbue their equipment using Darkst ones that give items special abilities such as being able to deal fireball damage, the Gore ability that deals blade damage, Confusion which can stun opponents, Regeneration, which allows players life to increase and many more.

To gain items, gear and other valuable artefacts they can typically purchase things from the bazaar, blacksmith or by defeating Arena Champions and Bosses, these powerful NPC’s must be defeated in the PVE campaign mode that will allow players to access new arenas.

Players can either play the game solo and work on increasing their own Battle Points to increase their rank and gain weekly prizes or team up with other players to form a clan, where their victories and losses can directly affects the clans position. When successfully defeating an opponent in battle players have the option to execute the opponent, which will reduce their battle points and thus allowing the player to rise in the ranks, however this is a quick way to gain an enemy of both players and their clans and saw some players may wish to show mercy and not the liver that killing blow.

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Doom Warrior
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