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Dekaron is a F2P Fantasy MMORPG for Windows, published by Nexon.

Dekaron is a free to play fantasy-based MMO RPG set in a realm where evil from the Abyss once more threatens the lands of men as the dark lord Karon threatens to once more break the seals that imprison him and lead his hordes to the ultimate extinction of the human race. The game allows players to choose from a wide variety of classes and has a rich and detailed lore background to create an immersive world for players to explore. The game is packed full of stock MMORPG features as well as a number of unique elements.

The humans of the continent of Trieste longer goal locked themselves away in the city beneath the valley, the legendary city of Arcana – the Arke of the Divine Valley, is sanctuary necessary for their survival against the Abyssal creatures that dominated the world. Over time this feature is turned upon one another as their ruler Karon had been sealed away for a time. It has long been known that the seals which hold Karon are temporary and his re-emergence has been foretold, now the humans of Arcana ready themselves to once more fight fellow lands as they reassemble an old pact dedicated to fighting Karon; the Dekaron.

In the game players are able to step into the shoes of seven different heroes, each taking on the form of seven different classes which allow individual and unique combat styles in battle. This seven available classes are gender locked and whilst there is little in the way of aesthetic customisation players are able to customise their own skills and abilities by placing skill points into various class skill/talent trees as they level up. The Azure Knight is a classic warrior using a one-handed weapon and shield as a Protective Knight or powerful two-handed weapons as a Destructive Knight, and both are able to encourage and bolster their allies using morale buffs. The Segita Hunter is a savvy combatant that can focus on using ranged weapons such as trolls and cross balls on melee weapons such as daggers. An Incar Magician is able to harness the three elements, fire, ice and lightning or focus on using the Energy tree whereas the Vicious Summoner focuses on the black magic and the calling fourth of minions called Chakra, humble servitors that can poison or debuff enemies. Segnale specialises in using curses and heals to help their allies and hinder their enemies and is a powerful support class. A Bagi Warrior is the most physically strong showing high levels of endurance where they can take a lot of damage making them ideal for defending the front line and having a natural affinity for resisting magic. An Aloken is a mix of mage and melee fighter, using both magic and a spear, creating a perfect balance of defence and offence when in battle.

There are a wide number of different features and systems within the game, everything from players being able to gain their own mounts (level 35 requirement), a pet system where trained pets can accompany adventurers and be hatched from an egg as pet will last 30 days before returns back into his egg form and must be reawakened using a powerful Awakening Ocarina.

The game has lots of PVE features including questing, instanced based dungeons as well as fun mini systems such as fishing. However, one of the main types of gameplay in Dekaron is PVP in the game offers up multiple options for players to fight against each other including open world PVP areas outside of the city areas that players can freely wander into. Players have access to a Party vs Party feature where players can join a group and challenge other parties, entering in game currency wagers so players can fight for real rewards. There is also the recently added DK Square system where players from all available servers are able to come together at a single place for massive PVP battles, matching up servers, levels and even connections to try and balance out PVP for team based combat and players are able to increase their Grade with points earned from DK Square.

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