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In the near future, the world`s industrial infrastructure has been severely hampered by global shortages of oil. With the slowing pace of business and progress, all eyes are on a remote island, where an amazing new natural resource has been discovered: Mittron.

You will carry out missions that the OMD government assigns to you at the different Stations you work out of. Whether you`re chasing down HUVs, delivering doughnuts or smoking other drivers in the Battle Zone, your skills as a driver will determine your success on Mittron Island.

Deco Online features include:

• Vibrant 3D graphics
• Hundreds of skills and exciting quests
• Two distinct races and a unique character advancement system
• Combo attacks that that emphasizes player skill more than traditional MMORPG combat systems
• Step-by-step NPC tutorials and guides to help players get into the game right away
• Character attire customization options
• A huge and varied selection of armor, shield, weapon, gear, and accessory types

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Deco Online
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