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Entirely playable in the major internet browsers, Days of Evil is a strategy/RPG/Economic Simulation MMO game developed by Media2Art. In this game, the user plays as a scientist from the 28th century, who travels through time and lands on an unknown planet and have to to build an empire and destroy his/her enemies to reach the true power and become a god.

The game offers all the standard and popular features that you could expect from a strategy/management browser game's gameplay. Moreover you can also find some pretty unique features such as a diverse array of research, construction, and support functions and a complex quest system accompanied by a tantalizing PvP and PvE system which provides for long lasting gaming enjoyment for all kinds of players, from casual to hard-core.

In Days of Evil, high fantasy and science fiction meet to create a mix that no browser game in this form can offer. Troops of orcs, elves, and demons with magical powers march against high-tech robot giants in a setting where fantasy and technology are perfectly blended together.

In the game's world only the strong and the mighty survive, but not without a cunning mind and a wise economic strategy. You have to create an army of elves, orcs and demons and, eliminate your enemies, build your fortresses, research new technologies and go to war with your mighty battle robots. At the same time it's better to build an effective economic system as soon as possible in order to provide the resources needed to equip your armies, as well as to fuel your mechs and provide them with powerful upgrades.

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Days of Evil
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