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Dawngate is a Free to Play Browser MOBA game, developed by Waystone Games.

Dawngate is a new MOBA from EA where players get to fight in fast paced action PvP in two 5 v 5 teams with a host of different characters to choose from and with the freedom to choose their character and their preferred role independently. Players are also able to further customize their own characters with unique loadouts that can further refine their preferred style of play.

Offering a familiar style in the way of gameplay the core of Dawngate plays like many other MOBA games; lane based combat, pushing past minions and towers whilst completing secondary jungle objectives as characters level up, acquire gear and keep fighting until the enemy base is destroyed. The key difference with Dawngate is that characters (known as Shapers) are not tied in to a specific role and this is something that is chosen independently from their preferred character.

There are 25 characters/Shapers that players are able to play else, each of which offer something completely different in terms of how they are best played, with each having the typical four abilities that define the character (using QWER keys to perform them) and their own stats that make up their strengths and weaknesses. The roles players can take in a team that something that are chosen when a new game starts and players can discuss amongst themselves which character or player may be the best choice for each role. Selecting a role is a physical process and the player will gain benefits and boosts based on this role as they will gain extra “vim” by successfully sticking to their chosen role. Vim is the “resource” needed to level up the character in game, where a player may choose to be a Gladiator role that primarily focuses on killing lane minions so to do they gain extra bonuses for doing this to ensure that they stick to their role. Similarly a Hunter is best at fighting jungle monsters, a Predator at taking down enemy players and the Tactician being a support role that gains vim by being in the vicinity of enemies when they die whilst they help pick away at them.

The map offers up a familiar two lane fight with six “Bindings” dotted along it, three for each time, that are towers that will attack enemy players and enemy minions and must be destroyed to make their way into the enemy base. The further away a Binding is from the enemy base the weaker it is, and so the first bindings a team comes across are relatively weak in comparison to those closer to the base, so pushing a lane grows increasingly more difficult as the game progresses. Between the lanes and on each side of them are the classic jungle areas filled with different camps and jungle spawn for players to gain extra XP and resources.

As well is the typical camps players can also fight for Spirit Wells, the passive resource generator that can be found in the jungle and each team starts with two in their control. After 10 minutes of the game these wells unlock and can be captured by the opposing team and used to gain more resources. The Parasite is also a key feature of the map that is a larger boss that can be found at the maps centre and if killed provides gold, XP and powerful buffs to all the members that are still alive that helped in killing it. The parasite has three different forms that evolve at different times during the game and offer different levels of reward if killed.

The loadouts in the game allow players to use Spiritstones to build up templates that give extra stats and abilities by filling out a 4x4 grid with different shaped Spiritstones and filling their sockets with Sparks, nodes that give extra buffs and offer things such as increasing stats by a specific percentage, reducing cool downs, etc. Players start with a basic free loadout and are able to buy or craft more of them using Destiny and Crafting Currency to try and fill the 4x4 grid for an optimized loadout.

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