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DarkOrbit Reloaded is a F2P 3D Space Strategy Browser MMO,developed by BigPoint.

Embark on an epic journey into the future where mighty corporate empires clash in the untamed wilds of space battling for territory and resources, as a pilot of your own starship for one of these factions it is your life’s mission to rise up and be counted as one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy. This free to play browser based space shooter now has an updated 3D graphics engine, with the functionality and gameplay remaining the same Dark Orbit Reloaded now has a fresh 3D look adding more immersive visuals and better performance than ever before; though for those players on older low end systems they are still able to play the game in the old 2D version.

In the game players must align themselves to one of three primary factions in the game (Mars Mining Operations. Earth Industries Corporation and Venus Resources Unlimited), mechanically there is no difference between the three but fundamentally they divide the playerbase into rival PVP factions later in the game. As well as competing with each other for resources the three factions will be defending humankind from the myriad of alien aggressors that have been located in this sector of space and from the sanctum of your battle station you will be tasked with various missions to eradicate this threat.

DarkOrbit Reloaded plays as a side scrolling MMO, the 3D graphics offer improved effects but do not offer 3D movement in the world, and players are able to fight enemies and complete missions to earn credits, resources and XP in which to level up and acquire and equip a variety of new ships stored in their Hangar. There are currently 11 different ships for players for earn, these can be acquired in game through spending Credits, the primary earned currency, or the more valuable Uridium, which can be acquired in game or purchased with real world cash.

A third resources/currency in the game is Ore, which can typically be found scattered all across space and collected by players as they traverse the various levels, these ores come in various rarities and can be refined in game to sell in the shop, at the auction house or used to upgrade the various components of a ship including weapons, shields and engine speed. Some weapons have a finite amount and require ammunition to use, typically these are rockets, laser battery and mines and will generally do far greater damage to enemy ships. Ships do not have to travel alone through space and players can have a variety of Drone companions that can also be upgraded and equipped with various items to provide different functions, Drones have slots to equip laser canons, shield generators to provide you with extra support in battle. Similarly players can also have a P.E.T. 10 NPC companion that acts similar to a drone, however it earns XP, destroys aliens and enemy players and changes its unique design as it progresses through its 15 available levels, the P.E.T. will also collect resources for players but using it has a high cost for its upgrades and general upkeep.

Whilst the game offers much in the way of PVE with many Warp Gates taking players to new locations, various instanced based PVE missions, there is also an in depth PVP system to explore with various battle modes. The Sector Control mode is a dedicated map where players from rival factions Companies battle over control of various beacons scattered around the map, the game requires strategy and teamwork in this domination battle. Alternatively players can just enjoy all-out war in a Team Deathmatch in a Company vs Company battle trying to seal the most kills on the enemy team before the match ends and the team with the most kills claiming the victory. Spaceball is an exciting special event where players fight in a 3-way Company battle in sector map 4-4 where highlighted on the map is a green dot showing the Spaceball; by finding the Spaceball and shooting it players move it around and must try to guide it to their own Company portal to claim unique rewards for the participants and buffs for the entire Company!

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