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Developed by Sony Online Entertainment DC Universe Online is an action packed free to play MMORPG true to its comic book roots. Available on both PC and Playstation3 you get to step into the rich world created by generations of DC comics and be part of its history as you fight as either superhero or super villain, battling to either save or conquer the world. With your customised DC-style character you’ll set out on your own personal story driven adventure, written by many famous DC comic book writers, and visit famous locales such as Gotham City and Metropolis. Set in the present day the main story-arc revolves around a future Lex Luthor bringing a warning to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman explaining of a huge final war between the superheroes and villains manipulated by mega arch-villain Brainiac who is set to conquer Earth. On your journey you will interact with and fight alongside or against over 150 superheroes, villains and famous faces from the DC Universe in this battle for the future of humankind.

Once you have chosen your faction you get to pick the mentor that you would like to work directly under, for the superheroes they have the choice of Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman and the villains have Lex Luthor, Joker or Circe. As you embark into your first starting zone, either Metropolis or Gotham City, inhabited by both factions, you are regularly given quests and updates from your mentors as well as being able to pick up NPC quests from fully animated and voice-acted characters on the streets. As well as this there are random world encounter quests that players may stumble across such as a encountering some criminals in the process of doing a bank heist, as the hero you may try to stop them or as a villain give them aid. The shared world is primarily PvE for solo and team play as well as instances called “Alerts” for small co-op PvE missions and “Raids” for larger scale battles. PvP is also possible in given areas of the world as well as a variety of queued instances; “Arena” is small scale PvP combat where players fight as their own characters whilst “Legends” lets players fight as one of the iconic characters from the comics.

As a free to play game DC Universe Online offers a premium membership that can be paid monthly on subscription. Premium members can unlock all the DLC content for the game and gain extra features such as more inventory slots, monthly recurring grants of Station Cash (or Loyalty Points for PS3 players), unlimited in-game currency, the ability to form a league and more. As well as the premium membership players are also able to buy one off in-game items with Station Cash (SC) from the in-game marketplace, primarily focusing on vanity clothing items.

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DC Universe Online
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