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Developed by R2 Games Crystal Saga is a free to play fantasy MMORPG available to play directly through your browser. In this classic anime styles RPG you take the world of Vidalia where a long time ago the Undead almost conquered the lands in a final battle against the elves, humans and mages under the protection of the Mother Goddess. In a final battle the Crystal of Life ascended the Elves and Mages and destroyed the Undead, but not without the final cries of the Undead War Chief exclaiming he would have his revenge.

Play as one of five different classes as you explore the world, picking up quests from NPCs and unlocking the secrets of the Crystal of Life in this story driven adventure. Play as the Knight and stand on the front lines using your melee attacks and high defences to protect your friends. The stealthy Rogue who slips in and out of the shadows to unleash a fury of devastating melee attacks on his enemies. The long ranged attacks of the Ranger are most deadly, using traps to snare and hinder their opponents and keeping them at a safe distance. The Mages are wielders of the arcane, using the power of the elements to launch powerful spells and area attacks to destroy multiple foes. Finally there is the Priest, the healer class, who can leech health from enemies to restore your hit points whilst using powerful magic to buff your stats.

Explore the vast world and gain XP, items and gold, and level up to unlock new game features such as rideable mounts, wing items that boost your abilities, and World PvP. Players are able to switch into “Evil Mode” where they can kill other players and gain a PK (Player Killer) Level, during this time they get a red Evil title next to their name that grows darker the higher their PK level. Whilst you have a PK Level you are always attackable from those who switch into “Justice Mode”, the only way to reduce your PK Level is to go into “Peace Mode” for hours where you are unable to attack anyone.

The game also features a unique “AFK Mode” where players can play the game to earn AFK Time which they can spend to leave their character doing automated functions such as fighting nearby monsters and looting them, automatically drinking a heal potion when their health gets too low, and selling items at the vendor shops. The idea is to take away the tedium of the grind for those quests that ask you to kill a high number of mobs, or if you don’t have the time to play but want to keep on levelling, whilst in AFK Mode your character cannot be attacked.

Crystal Saga comes with some available to purchase premium accounts that give extra gold, boosts and extra AFK Time for those players who would sooner spend money to level instead of their time.

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Crystal Saga
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