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Crusaders of Solaria is one Browser F2P action MMORPG, developed by R2 Games.

Crusaders of Solaria is a free to play exciting side scrolling brawler MMO with a high fantasy setting where players can choose to play as either a Mage or a Knight, create and adventuring parties with other players or hired mercenaries and explore and exciting realm as they carve out their own epic saga. With full-scale massive Guild Wars, tradable pets that can be used to boost your abilities, player run farms, powerful world bosses and dungeons there is plenty of content for everybody including PVP in the Arena.

The game revolves around players exploring the realm and questing to uncover the larger story arc whilst continuously trying to make their own hero character stronger through acquiring levels, skills and gear to make the more powerful. Players typically looped towards increasing their Battle Rating which represents their characters overall strength which can be used to gauge how powerful they are against monsters and other players.

When starting out the game players are able to choose between two different classes; the Knight and the Mage. The Knight is a strong melee class whose main focus is on high in Jones and strength and are typically the front line combatants using their shield and sword in battle, the Knight can advance into two different subclasses, either the Chaos Knight or the Paladin. The Chaos Knight is a berserker type class who focuses on pure or fence when they tap into their wild furious, whereas the Paladin embraces the powers of the divine to increase their defences as well is using divine magic to heal both themselves and their allies. The mage is a mysterious and powerful magic user that can harness the elements to bring down terrifying destruction, though it defensively they can be extremely weak. Mages advance to become either a Shadow Mage who utilises dark magic to give them a wide array of abilities from cloning themselves to being able to heal, whereas the Frost Mage is ape your controller that is able to use blizzards and ice to hinder and freeze their opponents.

Players have the ability to forge their own enchanted equipment, craft items and use gems to socket into their equipment making them even more powerful. Enchanting equipment requires the player to spend gold, which is the primary currency in the game used in most systems, however and enchantment cannot be higher than the characters own level. Gems will actively increase the abilities and power of any item of equipment that they are put into, but players cannot put two of the same gem into one item. Players can also gain Emblems to increase their stats as well as Titles that will display above their heads for everyone to see, which will also increase a players specific abilities but they can only have one title displayed at once.

There are multiple dungeons that players can explore including Normal Dungeons, Elite Dungeons and Multiplayer Dungeons specifically designed for a group, though players can still tackle Normal and Elite dungeons in a party. Normal Dungeons are typically made up of plot dungeons where players will complete quests within them to earn gold, exp and basic materials, Elite Dungeons are similar but have stronger versions of the Normal Dungeon Bosses. Players can work towards gaining a Star Level in a dungeon which shows the players how well they did; with a max of three stars the more stars a player earns the better the rewards. Multiplayer Dungeons can only be challenged up to 3 times a day and still yield rewards, but they can be challenged after that but no rewards will be gained.

As well as combat players can relax and take time to invest in their Garden where they can plant crops using seeds to plant exp, Warsouls and Gold which when they ripen can be harvested. Players are also able to steal crops from their friends’ gardens, however your crops can also restore so players must ensure that they harvest their crops as soon as they ripen. Gardens will level up through active use and from friends protecting the crops, which will give the garden exp to level up that wall provide more space to plant even more crops.

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Crusaders of Solaria
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