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CroNix is a F2P Shooter MOBA developed by Magics

CroNix is an F2P action shooter meets MOBA style arena shooter where players will go up against one another in brutal objective based battles using a range of powerful characters and exciting and strategic combat gameplay. Accessible on Windows platform the game has been developed with Unreal Engine 3 to show off spectacular graphics and physics and capture the explosive moves and environmental special effects. The game offers a variety of character classes to choose from giving players a varied choice of playstyles when it comes to combat and focuses on a team based co-op in a typically PVP setting over a range of game modes.

Primarily in the game players will battle against each other to earn renown, rewards and XP through their matches as well as the completion of daily quests for extra perks and boosts. By levelling up players will gain access to new and improved items as well as the chance to spend earned in game currency to purchase new characters to add to their personal roster.

The characters themselves come in three key roles: Assaulter, Supporter and Tanker, each of these three is covered by a range of characters sporting both melee and ranged attacks and a variation of crowd control, devastating combos and mobility maneuvers. The Assaulters primary role is to churn out dps against the enemy and keep them pinned down whilst allies jump in for the assist, the Supporter is exceptional at buffing allies and debuffing their enemies and gain their assists for kills on the enemy where they had either debuffed them or buffed the allied player that took them down. The Tanker is a walking meat shield, with a high health pool and strong defense characteristic, they are able to keep their companions protected at all times as they shield them from oncoming attacks, though they are not without their own offensive attacks.

Each character can unleash various abilities from their Q, E, or Space keys or using the left and right mouse button, using them in succession with the WASD movement they will recover and spend stamina with the Action Points bar. As well as this players overtime build up their Skill Points bar that when over 100 (out of 150 max) allows them to unleash a powerful ultimate attack on the enemy to devastate them. Different characters play in different ways; Liu Lian has a unique cloaking ability that allows her to move around unseen and assassinate her targets and requires opposing abilities or Detect Tonics to reveal her, Gear Rabbit can construct three different automated drones with different characteristics, Asimov is able to use a blaster rifle to slow enemies or simply freeze them in place.

As well as their own abilities players will be able to customize their own inventory of various Tonics that they can take into a battle; consumable items that can typically help increase defense and attack, heal up a player, or provide Special abilities such as revealing hidden enemies. Players can choose which tonics to take into combat and can unlock more powerful ones as they level up and purchase them from the game store.

There are four key game modes that players can access in the game, each occurring on its own unique map; Brawl, Survival, Domination and Raid. Brawl is a fast three versus three battle where two teams battle in a best of 5 team deathmatch, whereas Survival has players fighting against each other in a five versus five to kill each other as well as recovering and then refining S.O.D. resources, each action earning the team points and the first team to sixty points wins. Domination is an intense seven versus seven battle and sees the two teams battling over three control points, two of which give the team points the longer they control it whereas the middle control point offers a respawn point that brings the controlling team closer to the opposition control point. Finally Raid has both teams battling over a Power Cell that intermittently spawns in the middle of the map that each team must fight over and return to their harvester to increase its ever dwindling power; the first harvester to run out of juice loses.

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CroNix Online
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