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Clash of Olympus- MMO Genre: F2P side-scrolling turn-based RPG .Platform Availability: Web Browser .Developed By: Boyjoy

Clash of Olympus is an action packed RPG MMO that is completely free to play where players will be able to have their choice of different heroes as they battle for and against the gods of Olympus in this Greek mythology themed game. Packed full of features there is strong narrative quest-based content that players will unlock as they progress through the main storyline that will take players into some of the most dangerous locations in and beyond the world. Clash of Olympus can be accessed through the game’s official website after a simple account registration and can be played directly through your web browser without any need of a client download.

Players get to choose from three powerful, unique classes coming in both a female and male version: the Mage, the Knight and the Archer. The Knight is the embodiment of humility, honesty, bravery and justice they are heavy melee combatants focusing on physical damage attacks. The Mage is a dangerous arcane caster, their deadly magical offensive abilities are only mitigated by their weaker physical stature and poor defences. The Archer is a nimble, graceful and agile combatant skilled with a bow to take down their enemies from long range distances.

One of the key focuses of the game is the Battle Force system, this visible number signifies how powerful the player is in comparison to the rest of the game’s content and enemy mobs as well as other players. By acquiring gear, levelling up, upgrading pets and unlocking skills players will over time increase this Battle Force value, which will make them more powerful in combat.

Equipment is vital to any hero, it is one of the most important things in the game, players are able to earn new gear through completing quests and purchasing items from the in game shops using their acquired silver currency. Players have access to the Forge system which allows them to modify their gear in various ways using the Enhance, Transmute, Inherit, Enchantment and Divine Soul features to improve and add to a weapons qualities which will improve the players attributes.

Players can also unlock skills, which come in two different variations: Unique Skills and Talent Skills. Unique Skills are available when a players Anger reaches 100 and they are able to release a powerful attack in battle, multiple Unique Skills are available only one can be used at a time. Every character has a fixed Talent Skill that can be earned as drops from the Legion War, these can be released when they use their Unique Skills and the higher a players level the higher the chance of releasing it. Players will acquire Heroes and the higher their quality the more likely it is that a Talent Skill will be released.

Once the Heroes feature is unlocked players will be able to acquire new Heroes by using earned Hero Cards, players will be able to call upon the Gods, each equipped with their own unique abilities, with a team of Gods at your side anything is possible. The more Heroes a player recruits into their team the higher their attributes can go, particularly if players manage to recruit a certain group of Heroes which can activate a Hero Group buff. By acquiring Soul Crystals players will also be able to upgrade their heroes to make them more powerful and in turn improve the players’ Battle Force rating. Every Hero has a star rating which determines how many times they can be upgraded, from the basic Hero (0 stars) to the highest ranked Red Hero (12 stars).

At level 20 players will be able to access the Arena feature through the on screen interface button, here players go head-to-head against each other competing to be the top ranked player in the Arena and will in turn earn great rewards depending upon their finishing position in the top 100. The Arena opens at 6 AM every day and refreshes every four hours throughout the day to reward new players; players also have the option of plundering other players during this time to try and steal their Soul Crystals which are used to upgrade Heroes.

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Clash of Olympus
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