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Chaos Heroes Online is a F2P Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)developed by Aeria Games / Seven Games / Prosiben

Chaos Heroes Online is a fast-paced, free to play action Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that evolved from the original DOTA Chaos game inspired by the original Warcraft DOTA mod/map (which also gave birth to DOTA Allstars that lead to DOTA 2). The game offers classic MOBA style gameplay where players must work together in teams of 5 to battle through enemy defences including powerful Tower turrets, waves of AI NPC Minions and powerful Heroes that can be played either by the AI or more commonly by other players, and destroy the enemy base.

The core of the game revolves around a three lane map is divided naturally into two halves controlled by each team with their respective bases at each end of the map. The lanes are long roads links the two team bases, along each lane stands a number of towers, the towns in one half of the map controlled by one team and vice versa. These towers acts like automated turrets any time an enemy team comes by and can deal brutal damage to an opponent and must be destroyed by the opposing team in order to push down the lane into the enemy base. Each team of players is assisted by waves of AI Minions, week NPC fighters that automatically spawn and make their way down each lane and are always the first target a Tower will attack giving players the chance to try and destroy the Tower whilst it is distracted killing minions. As well as Towers and Minions players will also have to face off against each other as each player controls their own powerful Hero equipped with extremely powerful, deadly and varied abilities.

There are 60 available Heroes to choose from within the game, divided between two primary factions: the Divine Union and the Immortal Legion, each providing a wide variety of different heroes from ranged magic casters like Nero, a seemingly puny lesser Demon from the underworld that has mastered a variety of dangerous spells, the huge walking Elephant like tank KingJoe who is able to knock enemies up into the air and support type roles like the forest satyr Mayreel who uses her Bard abilities to send enemies to sleep and heal her allies. There are different rules to suit different play styles and a wide variety of Heroes to choose from each with their own unique stats, backgrounds and abilities that can be used in combat. For free to play players these heroes are available on rotation each week, with 10 heroes to choose from each week giving players a wide variety.

Chaos Heroes Online offers a variety of game modes and selection modes, ranging from Normal Mode where players have a regular hero “pick”, to 2 Random – 3 Chosen Mode where two players on each team are assigned random heroes, as well as a Draft Mode and an All Random Mode. The Selection process can be normal Faction Picks where a team can only consist of Heroes from one faction, All Pick or Blind Pick. There is also a second Shrine of Life and death match map which is smaller than the standard Ancient Forest map and is based on the number of kills each team gets as opposed to destroying the base.

One of the unique features of Chaos Heroes Online is the item crafting system, where players can purchase items in game to upgrade their Heroes during battle, as is quite traditional with most MOBA games. However, players are able to earn more powerful Crafted versions of these items outside of the battle at the end of games, as random rewards, through events or through the in game shop using in game currency. Each item has a different rarity from Magic (Green +1 Bonus), Rare (Blue +2 Bonus) and Epic (Purple +3 Bonus), and once this item is acquired it will give a number of random bonuses depending on its rarity, e.g. +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1% Magic Resist, etc. Each time a player now buys this particular item during a match it will have the same base stats that are used to have as well as the new bonuses from your crafted item. Players have the option of Upgrading, Rerolling and De-crafting items using various crystals that they can acquire.

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Chaos Heroes Online
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