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Chaos is a MMO Genre: F2P Action RPG for Web Browser and developed By: JoyBit.

Chaos is a free to play action RPG that takes elements of Western mythology, ranging from Christianity to Greek mythology with a full cast of deities and Demons in a battle for the world. The game features strong storylines and quest-based content where players will delve into a number of instanced based areas to complete tasks and challenges, earning XP and in game currency to slowly level up their character and become more powerful over time. Collect gear, companions and take on more difficult features in this web based MMO that can be accessed easily after a free account registration and does not require a client download to play.

When the God disappears from the world a war was triggered between the angelic Protoss and the demon-like Asmodian in the battle for the dominance over the world. As the Protoss began to suffer the greatest losses and the tide of war was turning against them the humans stepped up to fight alongside them and helped battle against the evil Asmodian; as one such human you are a soldier of the Empire, unique in that you have a gene of both the Protoss and the Asmodian and could be the deciding factor on who wins the war.

The game focuses on players progressing through a linear quest-based story arc where they will uncover their origins and play the part of the main protagonist within this epic saga where players will fight alongside the likes of Thor, Hercules, and the Archangel Gabriel against orcs, demons, Lilith and even Satan himself. Gaining XP will help players level up and acquire more gear to improve their Battle Power, a numerical value that represents how strong the character is in battle against PVE challenges and other players. Levelling up will also unlock further features in the game from crafting, Arena PVP, Mounts and other combat challenges.

Upon entering the game players are able to choose between two primary characters, each of them fulfilling the role of the characters main hero and have their own unique class. The male Swordsman is armed with a sword and powerful magic, forgoing heavy armour and focusing on being a more offensive fighter. The female Paladin is a strong fighter who helps support her companions, using a sword and shield for their primary gear they can pack a punch but have strong defensive attributes.

Players can recruit Heroes into their group by visiting the Tavern Owner they must purchase new Heroes with crystals that they can mine from the mining interface. Once purchased a recruited Hero can be switched into the player’s team with ease, however they can only unlock extra team member slots as they level up and so as a player increases in level their team will grow larger and making them more powerful.

As well as Heroes players must also manage their own gear, everything from their weapons and armour, players can use the Smelting feature to purchase new gear that fill their various armour slots and can then spend in game silver to fortify their items. Fortifying an item will increase its power and attributes, the attribute it increases is typically determined by the item slot, but gear cannot be fortified higher than the characters level; players must manage not only their own gear but also the gear of their recruited Hero companions. There are various other important features that players must concentrate on levelling up such as Skills, Mounts and even acquiring Titles to improve their Battle Power.

There are a variety of events and combat focused features such as instanced based quests where players must fight in action-based combat to defeat enemies and can earn rewards from successfully completing a quest. Similarly players can attempt various daily events such as the Airship Escort where players have chances to pillage or escort each other’s ships, or the World Boss who is a powerful creature that appears at specific times during the day and players must work to defeat four guards before they can challenge the boss itself for great rewards. Players can concentrate on PVP and improving their Ranking, entering one-on-one duels with other players around their level range, using their gear and companions to test their own combat strategy.

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