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Castlot is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game developed by Power Hosts Technology Limited. The game features the two factions, turn-based and real-time combats, competitive gameplay, resource management, and the ability to frame and scheme against other players and their resources through setting traps, stealing resources, and spying.

The game is set in the early 6th century medieval era during Britain’s struggle against the Saxon invaders. The game has three separate factions, the Bright Knights, the Dark Faction and the Saxons (controlled by the AI). Led by Arthur, the Bright knights are responsible for protecting Britain and strike down those who would disturb its peace. While in the Dark faction, Lord Blackmore plans to eradicate every known power to rise as the land’s prime ruler.

In Castlot players will experience the history of the game as they complete missions, taking the role of the main character of the story and living the events of their faction. Each story is specific to that faction, although the missions coincide so that players can enjoy all the game.

As you level up and complete missions, you can equip your hero with 12 pieces of equipment and a mount that will raise your statistics. In your adventures you will buddy up with heroes like Sir Gawain or Merlin if you are allied with the Bright knights, or if you're Dark faction, characters as Morgana Le Fay and Vivienne will accompany you.

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