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Call of Gods is a Browser Free to Play Fantasy MMO Strategy, no download game, developed by Boyojoy.

Born from nothing the Justice Dragon and Chaos Dragon erupted from the void with mighty roars, these two both complemented each other and yet were complete opposites. The Justice Dragon and his ancient Dragon subjects created the fertile Masure Mainland from the elements, blessing it with life and bringing forth the Humans and Elves. The Chaos Dragon also created lifeforms from his own vision and so to work born the Demons. A war raged on the generations, with many falling from either side but it was the life Dragon that breezed rebirth into some of the fallen, returning to the land sound of mind but physically ruined were the new race of Undead. And now the world is divided between these factions who now will resist the forces of the Corrupt Deities and Demon servants.

Players are able to choose from the three playable faction races: the humans support justice and order, the principles that they have relied on to overcome all the adversity they have faced in their history. Human soldiers have a 5% damage increase compared to other races. The elves were ship the Dragon of Earth and have learned to coexist with nature, but are less willing to open themselves up to the other races of the world and so remained secluded. Elves have a 5% agility increase to their soldiers. The undead seek to take out their vengeance on the living, believing that only in death can the world be at peace, they are dark and sinister and their first for revenge is timeless. The Undead soldiers gain a 5% boost to their life.

In the game players take on the role of a Lord trying to protect their own kingdom and build up a mighty army to defend your castle and subjects against the monsters and enemy players that threaten you at your borders. Using an intuitive user interface players can quickly look over their player in full including their current level, gold and number of available vouchers and silver coins as well is there are available resources. Players can access the chat panel to speak in four different channels: Private, Race, Alliance and World, access their map operation panel to switch between various territory types and have a quick snapshot of the current construction queue of your buildings and which technologies are being researched.

Combat within the game is an extremely in-depth system which takes into account a number of different factors within a battle to determine who will be the victor, such thing as unit type and formation, positioning, hero attributes and many more aspects that can be altered by the player to improve their chances in battle. Movement of units is done through a turn-based system with those units that move the fastest and have the highest speed moving first, followed by slow units, which offers up interesting tactics and potential strategies.

A unique aspects in Call of Gods is the heroes that command your armies, unlikely adventurers hired from the taverns throughout the land, each of which has its own potential to be a great leader, from an inexperienced soldier to a seasoned veteran, an army can be made or broken depending on who leads them. Each hero has their own stats that they can level up during combat and have one of four different specialisations: Agility, Defense, Attack and Balanced, which will as often as not determine what their role will be and which units they are best assigned to

Call of gods has enabled Facebook integration and players are able to share their achievements onto their wall to display them to friends, interned they are rewarded in game when reaching various share milestones. Other features within the game include the more recently added pet system, which is accessible to players over level 60 that can access Monster Island; through defeating guardians in various instances players can loot monster cards and monster souls, each pet has a corresponding colour which determines its quality and these pets can be added to your hero. Players can find out details of their various collected pets as each has its own codex page giving a biography and the different stats of the captured creature.

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Call of Gods
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