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Developed by SEEDO games Co for Windows, Bright Shadow is a free to play MMORPG where players can find and collect monster cards by defeating enemies. These cards have numerous uses, from being used as currency for items to unlocking special abilities. There are more than 500 monster cards to gather and collect. Players can summon the ghosts of defeated monsters enlocked within the cards.

With a unique shell-shaded visual design, intuitive combat system, extensive character customisation and more than 60 randomly generated dungeons, Bright Shadow is more than an interesting and fun alternative. Players start as beginners, but once they reach level 10, they can choose to become one of the four basic classes: Warrior (Tank and Damage dealer), Machinist (Long range, crafter), Shaman (Healer and buffer) and Mage (AOE and DDS).

Bright Shadow's combo system supports combo attacks. But players are able to perform combo attacks only when they are in party. This happens when two or more users combine skills as a result an additional skill will be triggered causing extra damage to the umbra but with the episode 1 now up to 4 people can perform combos. It takes 2 different classes working together to trigger combos.

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Bright Shadow
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