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The Eastern Zhou Dynasty is on the verge of collapse and the Middle Kingdom finds itself in a constant state of war as the seven warring States battle it out amongst themselves to try and claim the highest seats of power and become Emperor of all of China. It is a dark time and the need for a hero has arisen, someone to descend into the darkness, uncover the secrets and conspiracies of the Warring States and once more return peace to your ancient land.

Set in the time of ancient China Blood and Jade is an F2P MMORPG where the player rises up to take their place as a hero of the land, using their martial arts abilities and the divine blessing of their goddess. With massive PVP, in-depth story and epic quests will you rise to the top and unite China under one banner?

Players can feel the benefit of character customisation and unique character advancement in many different ways using a number of different features within the game. Focus your Chi and increase your own Blade and Dragonmind skills to give you an element of unique customisation, combined with an enchanting system that allows you to bless your own weapons and increase their stats to best suit your needs. Finally enlist the service of a number of Goddesses who act as divine companions that will share with you there abilities and serve you in combat as they bring down a fury unrivalled by men.

The game brings massive PVP in the form of Guild vs Guild Turf Wars, where Guilds can fight for control of territories in the hope of claiming enough power to earn the Imperial Seal, the highest achievement available. As well as this players can engage in a number of events that happen at different times during the week on various different days. Everything from the maze where players must navigate their way through a maze-like area using magical teleporters and fighting monsters at every turn, or take down one of the many worlds bosses that can be found in different zones throughout the game; these powerful mobs will require a group to defeat will drop rare and extremely powerful items for you to use.

Head into various challenging dungeons spread around the world, each zone map corresponds to its own dungeon and within there are 10 checkpoints that groups must work their way through progressively as they complete the main quest story arc. Is a race against time within the dungeon and players must complete it before that time runs out, fighting to the end and taking down the final boss to earn their reward.

The game is completely free to play book players can indulge in a VIP card that is purchasable from the in game store, this card comes in three different types: Platinum, Diamond and Royal, each offering various different benefits. Your VIP status grants you unique buffs, extra in game currency and XP, unique features and more.

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Blood and Jade
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