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Developped by Zombie Studios, Blacklight Retribution is a free to play multiplayer online first person shooter based in a futuristic urban warzone. The game focuses on innovation by fully utilizing Unreal 3 technology and implementing DirectX 11, giving gamers stunning graphics. It provides players (especially FPS enthusiasts) with a massive arsenal of weaponry and gear ranging from bleeding edge side arms to massive mechanized Hardsuits.

Players can customize their weapons and gear for the perfect load out. Blacklight Retribution allows customizing everything about a weapon from barrel, ammo type, stocks, muzzles, optics, colors and even weapon tags. Also they can earn credits in game to change the tide of battle by deploying flame throwers, automatic grenade launchers and even airstrikes. The first in-game tool that players should learn how to use effectively is the Hyper Reality Visor or HRV for short, which enables the player to see through walls, locate opponents, team mates, weapon depots, and even detect a weak point in the structure of the Hardsuit. The second spectacular tool in the game is the hardsuit, a sort of giant mechanical armor. Armed with a minigun and railgun the hardsuit is the ultimate weapon.

There are no classes in Blackligt Retribution. Players can create their own play style based on your load out and equipment from heavily armored snipers to light and nimble machine gunners.

Community is the backbone of any online game, and Blacklight Retribution has all the first class features you would expect from an FPS experience such as clan creation and competitive ladders.

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