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Big Farm is a Free to play Farm Managing MMO developed by GoodGame for internet browser games.

In Big Farm players are put in charge of their newly acquired farmland, left to them by their Uncle George, which to start with is small, slightly rundown and in much need of some care and attention. Thankfully you are not expected to undertake this task on your own, with the assistance of hired farmhands, helpful neighbouring ranch owners and business minded suit, you will be well armed and informed on how to get the most out of your humble plot of land and making big money in no time.

The game holds your hand for a few turns as you are taken through the tutorial that shone the basics of the easy to navigate user interface, whilst at first the huge array of buttons and menus might seem confusing they are very intuitive and easy to use. The casual pace, quirky characters, charming music and colourful graphics, both of the characters and game elements, create a wonderful atmosphere and really compliment the fun nature of the game; making it family friendly and easy to pick up.

The basic concepts is that each player has their own plot of land, a gridded area that they are able to build upon with various structures, fields and decorative elements that are all necessary components of building up a successful farm. Choosing from the list of buildings with everything from crop fields, animal pens, housing for workers, barns, silos and dozens of items to decorate your land and keep your workers happy, the player must make the most out of their available and maximise its use efficiently. Players are able to expand their area of workable land as they level up, paying to expand their borders and clear the area of debris before building upon it.

With no particular endgame the main purpose is to keep levelling up your items, buildings and farms productivity by growing new, rarer and more lucrative crops and animal produce and expanding your borders forever working towards the next challenge. Buildings and decorations cost in game dollars to build and take time to construct, but each building has a level requirement that the player must reach before they have access to it. The buildings primary purposes are to produce some form of item that can either be sold on the market (e.g. crops and flowers) or use directly on the farm (e.g. grain to feed animals), Making a self-sustaining farm.

Depending on the quality of the produce you are trying to create the amount that it will cost you in both dollars and time can vary greatly, the higher the quality the more expensive it will be to purchase and the longer it will take to create. However, players are able to spend gold, the games premium currency, to instantly complete the construction time of buildings or the production time of produce. Gold can be purchased with real-world money, but is also available in game and earned each time a player levels up, granting them a certain amount of gold to spend on time-saving methods or purchasing special buildings and decorations from the in game store.

Throughout the game players will be given various tasks and challenges from the NPC’s that they will meet in their journey, initially used to help you through the tutorial mode and guys in you on the best buildings to lay down to get you started. With the completion of each task the player will earn dollars, experience and other items for their success, as well as advancing story of the game and learning more about the NPC characters. The tasks continue throughout the game meaning players constantly have something to work towards and can be anything from expanding your farm, constructing a specific building, creating a certain crop or even joining a Cooperative.

Players can form or join a Cooperative with each other that can be used for co-op play, helping each other complete tasks, working together on community challenges and generally helping each other out and aiding one another to create the most efficient farm possible. Players in a cooperative are able to talk to each other, research and advantages and complete collections together as well as making new friends.

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Big Farm
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