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Berserk: The Cataclysm is a Free 2 Play TCG MMO developed by Bytex, for Web Browser, iOS and Android.

Berserk: The Cataclysm is a fantasy based free to play card collecting MMO where players must build up their card decks from various fighters, creatures and monsters and go head-to-head against challenging AI competitors and other real-world player rivals in head-to-head one-on-one duels. The game features a variety of different PVP and PvE battle types as well as a land ownership system that gives players access to new resources. The game can be played through various web browsers, on iOS and Android and also directly through Facebook.

Within the game there are five different Elemental factions that players can build their decks from; Forest, Mountains, Swamp, Plains and Darkness, and providing they have a Hero from one of those particular factions then they are able to create a deck is creatures sharing the same element (i.e. a Mountains deck must have a Mountains hero can only be filled with Mountains troops/cards). However, players are not limited to playing with only one Element deck, able to create multiple Squads from a single Element players will get the chance to take one or more Squads into battle allowing various combinations such as two Forest Squads, a Forest and a Mountains Squad, and a variety of other options.

The Trading Cards each signify a different battle unit, and each shares similar properties including most importantly how much damage it deals an attack, hammy hit points the troop has before it is destroyed, hammy turns it takes before that card enters play and the possibility of any unique actions that the card can take such as healing, auto damage and more. Players are able to mix-and-match unit cards of a single Element into a Squad made up of seven cards in total. The cards themselves can come in different forms, from common, rare, super rare, etc. which typically define how powerful they are. Where the majority of cards will have a simple attack value and hit point value, others have special abilities such as being able to automatically damage enemies when they enter the battle, counter-attacking enemies that damage them or even healing ally cards.

Once a player has customise their individual Squad from all the cards they have available and chosen which Squad to take into battle from thereon combat is completely automated. Cards are randomly drawn both opposing players decks into a pool to see which cards are currently drawn and they will instantly enter play positioning themselves on the battlefield. The battlefield consists of two horizontal rows, the bottom role for your troops and the top role for the enemy troops, that are made up of seven slots that the cards fit into from left to right i.e. the first card to enter play will be position on the far left of the screen in slot 1, the next card in slots two, etc. where the first enemy card to play will be positioned on the far left of their row so the first two cards will be facing each other.

Each round the cards will automatically enter play or attack, if an enemy card is in front of them then they will attack that card, if there is currently no card in front of them (because one has not been placed or the previous card has already been destroyed) then the player automatically attacks the opposing hero and reduces their Leadership pool. The battle is over either once the opposing players Leadership pool reaches zero or when all the enemies’ cards have been destroyed. The order in which the player’s cards enter the battlefield can ultimately determine their success, with the right combination of cards ending up in the right order some formations are extremely difficult to beat, however there is also a level of strategy in organising your Squads and trying out different tactics.

There are extensive campaign options where players fight through a variety of PvE games against bots uncovering a rich and detailed storyline, alternatively players can challenge each other in single duels or enter tournaments once they have unlocked the feature by reaching a higher level. As players gain XP they will also gain in game currency from which they can purchase new cards to build up new squads and try out different strategies in the game.

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Berserk The Cataclysm
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