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Battle for Gea is a F2P Browser Trading Card Game, developed By: Iron Belt Studios.

In Battle for Gea players go head-to-head against each other or against the challenging computer AI as leaders have of one of nine different Factions/Armies, each with around 30 different cards to unlock and collect. With unique battle mechanics players must use strategy and tactics to overcome their opponent in one-on-one duels using powerful cards that fall into a variety of categories that help shape your preferred strategy and each Faction having its own style of gameplay. Battle for Gea is a free to play MMO and can be played directly in your web browser without the need of a client download, players simply register quickly on the official website and can play the game in moments.

The games Armies fall into three different types of Forces; Chaos, Neutral and Order, for the Chaos Forces players can choose from the orcs of The Horde, the demons of the Legions of Marbas the vampires of the Vampire Dukes. The Neutral Forces are made up of the humans of both The Empire and the Hahnobir faction, as well as the draconians of Ordo Draconis and the dwarves of Dwergar. Finally, the Order Force are the elves of Ellendal, angels of the Celestial Legion and priestesses of Magna Gea Covenant. The factions all have their own lore and background that fits into the overarching story of the game, as players advance through the campaign mode story of Gea and the part that each faction plays in it is revealed through illustrated and narrated quest content.

Within each Faction players decks will be made up of six types of cards; Generals, Infantry, Cavalry, Support, Colossus and Projectiles. Each player’s deck consists of one In general, this unique card holds a number of functions primarily the number of morale (hit points) a player has in battle as well as the number of command points that increase attacking units strength, as well as this many generals will have a unique ability that affects their troops. In similar effects are the Support cards, whilst they do not do any direct damage, nor can they be the target of an attack, they each have abilities that will enhance the other troops in the army. The Infantry, Cavalry, Projectiles and Colossus cards all work in a similar way and are the main attacking/defending forces on the battlefield, each with their own attack power and damage, unit type and abilities, often certain unit types will have an ability that gives them an advantage over a certain type of enemy unit.

In combat players randomly draw four cards from their deck that will fight on the battlefield, the objective of a match is to do as much damage to the enemy General’s morale as possible, the Player/General with the most morale at the end of the battle is declared the victor. Players take it in turns to attack the enemy, the player that goes first is determined by the decks overall strategic value score, choosing which units they wish to attack with from their front line troops or their rearguard. Front-line troops can only defend the attacks from those units directly in front of them, where rearguard are able to defend and attack from any front-line troop, however each card only get a chance to fight once.

When a player attacks they do not know which card the enemy has chosen to act as its defender, though using tactics players can make an educated guess as to who they may face, and is one of the main strategies in the game. Players can use their General’s command points when playing a card which will multiply the cards attack strength, combined with any Support, General and the individual units abilities. The winner of the fight is the unit that has the greater attack strength when all multipliers and abilities have been applied to its individual strengths score and then the units damage is directly applied to the Generals morale pool.

The game provides further a number of different features such as AI campaigns, deck management, achievement unlocking and a shop to buy and sell needed and unwanted cards to perfect your deck and make your army stronger.

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Battle for Gea
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