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Battle of the Immortals is a 2.5D Action free MMORPG which incorporates Eastern and Western culture, ranging from Norse Mythology to the Qin Dynasty. Developed by PerfectWorld Entertainment for Windows. Choose your class between: Berzerker(Berzerkers concentrate almost exclusively on causing physical damage. Berzerkers still wear light armor, which gives them decent defense against physical attacks; however they are extremely susceptible to magical damage), Champion (Focusing almost entirely on defensive ability, Champions suffer slightly in terms of damage), Heretic (Heretics come from a long line of religious fanatics. Once holy men, have now melded dark magic with light magic. Capable of dealing medium levels of magic damage, Heretics also have the ability to use magic defensively), Magus (Magi are the masters of the elemental magic, utilizing them in order to create destruction and chaos. Maintaining distance from your enemies is essential in order to be successful as a Magus) and Slayer (Slayers spend a large majority of their training focusing on what makes things “tick”. They then spend an even larger amount of time studying on how to make the “ticking” stop).

It features 5 Classes, each with their own unique skill sets and equipment; Zodiac System, empower your character according to their birth date; Auto-Navigation Quest System, progress easily without having look up quest information; Soul Gear System, unique sets of armor and gear for each class that grow and change as players use them; Hardcore PvP. Battle other players within a deep and detailed ranking system; Hardcore PvE. Battle against players within dungeons for the right to take down epic bosses; PvE Timetrials. Race against other groups and guilds to kill bosses, the group with the fastest time gains access to even greater challenges; Pet System. Collect a wide variety of pets ranging from cute animals to devastating monsters; Mount System. Ride upon giant beasts in order to shorten your travels, players can even fight while riding; Territory War System. Battle other guilds for rare relics, resources, and other treasures within the Territory War System.

As a special feature, the mount system in Battle of the Immortals is really quite unique. In a lot of current MMORPGs, players can upgrade their mount in order to increase its speed. In BoI, upgrading your mount not only increases its speed, but changes the way it looks as well as allowing your mount to learn skills! Not only does this mount gain a more aggressive look from upgrading, but it also gains the ability to blink as well as sprint.

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Battle Of The Immortals
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