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BasketDudes is a F2P Basketball MMO Game, developed by Bitton Games for Web / Mac / Windows.

BasketDudes is a cross platform basketball action MMO that can be played on your PC and Mac in your Internet browser and allows players to build up and manage their own basketball team, both on and off the court. Compete against other players in arcade style adrenaline pumping matches as you take on the role of your players whilst also using manager’s strategy, game cards and talents to defeat player opponents. This 3-D MMO is built with the Unity 3D engine’s create a sleek and wonderfully rendered online game that mixes classic social MMO features with arcade gameplay, action-based sports simulator and elements of a Trading Card Game to bring a fantastic experience.

From the outset players are able to take on the mantle of manager and create a team to enter into the World Basketball Club (WBC), competing against other players for prizes, trophies and glory. Choose your team members, both male and female players, each of which has their own abilities and performance rating as well as a preferred style of play. Design the team uniform for both home and away matches and even choose your team name and logo design, incorporating the name into the image itself which will be displayed on your team’s kit.

In the matches players are able to experience the arcade style gameplay, using the keyboard to navigate around the court whilst performing various actions such as passing the ball, dribbling and of course shooting. Each player has their own fatigue level, performing actions will slowly make them more tired, especially actions such as sprinting, which in turn lowers their performance and so a wise manager knows when to substitute those players that have been on the court for too long. Managers will gain XP through playing the game and level up their team to unlock new features and more experienced players.

Whilst taking the role as the teams players in the match, you are also able to perform actions as a manager by using various Game Cards and Talents. Game Cards are used to give the team a permanent buff for the match, or one-off boosts that can be performed once during play before being expended, and come in various forms. Alternatively managers can equip individual players with talents, unique to that character these abilities can be used multiple times but have a cooldown. Some exceptional players may even have Traits, which are the same as Talents but more powerful and offer passive abilities that do not need to be triggered.

Some game cards are used outside of the matches where players can use them to help train up their team and even customise them, unlocking unique team uniform options, new basketball sets and a variety of individual player customisation options which can add a unique flavour to your team. Game cards are earned at the end of a match, the rarity of each card depends on how well the team played; alternatively they can be purchased in the game store with the games’ premium currency.

Players are able to compete against each other in a variety of leagues split between two main divisions. The Beginner’s Division is made up of all teams from level 1 to 14, divided further into three types of league: rookie (lvl 1 – 7), amateur (lvl 8 – 11) and pro (lvl 12 – 14). Once a team reaches level 15 they are promoted into the WBC All-Stars Division, from here their position is determined by their own ASP (All Star Points) ranking, which works as an ELO system based off the teams’ wins and losses. At the end of every day the top team in the Beginner’s Division leagues win a trophy and a trophy is awarded to the top WBC All-Stars Division team every 15 days.

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